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Hello. Does anyone know how long Wightnan Rd will be shut for ?  Insane traffic on Green Lanes , will need to leave much earlier to get to places by car so just wondering how long for ? 
thank you. 

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I passed by this afternoon to see what was going on. Two big holes in the ground with what looks like a water or a gas Main exposed. Of course it is such an emergency that there was no one there. We look like we are in for a long haul. There is no information as to who’s hole it is. As I was passing there were some driver going right up to the batteries across the road and squeezing round through the empty car parking space that was next to the holes. 

I am on Pemberton and it has been carnage since 8am yesterday morning. I am not sure how much sympathy I have for the muppets trying to get out of Pemberton or Ducketts after passing as many Road Closed signs as they are doing. 

I am not sure how I feel about it to be honest. There is a part of me that is happy to make the Ladder as hostile an environment as possible as it is clear very very few of the cars crawling down Pemberton actually have business here. It is just an obstacle to be overcome. The other part of me recognises it causes mayhem all around  the area though and I cannot get my head around how anyone can be aloud to just rock up and dig a hole in the road and bog off as and when it suits them with no sense of urgency. 

Thank you for the reply , not what I wanted to hear. That’s what always happens dig a massive hole then go away and leave it for a week or 3.  Oh well at least I know not to get my hopes up and to avoid wightman Rd like the plague. I made the mistake of dropping my god daughter off on Warham to see her friend as she had loads of bags to carry , and then had to do all sorts of road swapping to try and get back to Manor House can’t  turn left can’t turn right , the kids thought I had gone shopping I was gone so long. 

If EVERY driver could avoid Wightman Road like the plague that would be great for us who live there - spread the word , cheers!

I noticed the holes this morning, also saw a driver squeezing through the parking spaces and looking very pleased with himself until he scuffed his tyre on the kerb.

Not sure when the holes appeared, but looking at the excavation it struck me just how little thickness of tarmac and hardcore there is protecting the gas and water and other services just under the road. It's not surprising that Wightman is so often being dug up to access the services, it just wasn't designed for 120 thousand vehicle movements per week. The cheapest solution must surely be to just make it access only and force non-local traffic onto the A-roads.

That’s a good point. I have seen how thin the road is and you are right it’s not really suitable for the heavy traffic so I can defo understand why the need for the road to be up a lot.  I was born in Haringay 48 yrs ago and can really remember how much less traffic and cars used to be on the road when I was growing up. 

I spoke to the guys working there yesterday, asked them how long it would be closed for. Answer was ' as long as it takes, probably at least a week''

Good to know. Thank you.  

Cadent, the gas supply company (infrastructure, not sales) is responsible - there's an entry on their website's faults page which says the work will continue until Saturday 13th March. As said above, there were no signs at the site giving responsibility and contact details, which is very poor.

Thanks Gordon. That’s better than expected then. They do usually put signs up . Last year on Endymion they had to take the same bit of rod up about 3 times for a gas leak that kept going but they always had signs and dates as much as possible. Makes it better to cope with if you know information about what’s happening I feel. 

Today, Friday is the 13th

Saturday is the 14th

Seems like someone has opened up the fencing as traffic is now edging it's way though there.

Saw this last night on the way home.  Traffic in both directions was driving past several huge “Road Ahead Closed” signs that had been deliberately moved and ending up nose to nose on a single lane by the excavations.  Moronic behaviour.



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