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1. Monitoring Planning in your Area

Harringay Online adds a weekly post identifying any planning applications that are in or affect all areas of Harringay. The information is taken from  Haringey Council's weekly planning applications list. The most recent two lists with entries for one of the roads in Harringay can be found below. Lists are arranged in alphabetical order by ward. If you live in Harringay, you will live in one of three wards:

  • Harringay (All in Harringay)
  • St Ann's (Part in Harringay)
  • Seven Sister's (Part in Harringay)

1.1.  The most recent weekly planning applications list for Harringay

Weekly lists are now attached to weekly forum posts,as they are received, in the Planning & Licensing category.

If you see an entry on the list you'd like more information on, note down the reference shown on the list (beginning HGY), and go to Haringey Council's Planning Application Search.

1.2. Planning Decisions

Download the latest monthly planning decisions list. The list is arranged in alphabetical order by road.

1.3. Access Detailed Records on Haringey Council's Website

If you'd like to did a little deeper, you can access records on Haringey Council's website in two ways:

1. Download weekly planning applications lists for the past 2 months

2. Search for records past and present by address at Haringey Council's Planning Application Search.



2. Information on Haringey Council's Planning Policies & Plans


The Council's policy on extensions, conversions etc - See Supplementary Planning documentation. None of Harringay is a conservation area. 



3. When Things Go Wrong


When things go wrong and you want to ask the council to take action on a breach of planning, contact the Planning Enforcement Team.

You may also find some of these independent organisations helpful:

  • Planning Aid - PAL is a registered charity providing free or affordable independent planning & town planning advice to individuals and groups unable to afford professional consultants. They'll help with your own planning issues, dealing with neighbour planning issues as well as with advice on handling plans proposed by the Council.
  • Planning Sanity - a group that was set up (in their own words) to help local communities tackle adverse planning and development applications that threaten to blight their communities.



4. More Information on Harringay Online


1. For more detailed information on certain issues related to planning, visit the Harringay Online Wiki pages:

  • For information on Conversions (to be added soon)


2. For recent discussion on planning on this site see Local Planning & Developments Category on the Forum page or, search on the planning tag





Haringey's licensing activities cover two areas:

1. General licensing - liquor, public entertainment, theatres, cinemas, late night refreshment premises and night cafes (under the Licensing Act 2003)

2. Commercial gambling licensing (under the Gambling Act, 2005)


Viewing Licensing Applications

Currently Haringey Council has no provision in place to make licensing applications easily accessible to the public. Whilst planning applications are made available on a weekly list which is emailed to Harringay Online and other interested groups, licensing applications are only published in local papers and on the Haringey Website. Not even an RSS feed is used to make them more accessible.

For the latest updates from the Council showing licensing applications under consultation, go to Haringey Council Website - Licence Applications Under


Objecting to a Licence or Licence Application


1. Objecting to non-gambling applications

Objections to licensing applications can be made in accordance with Haringey Council's guidance on making representations.


That guidance includes the following advice:

If no relevant representations are made, the licence or variation must be granted (subject to the mandatory conditions).
All representations must be about the likely effect of granting the licence or certificate on the promotion of at least one of the four licensing objectives (see below). It would be wise, therefore, to explicitly link any representation to one or more of the objectives.
It will also assist if the representations are specific to the premises and evidence based. Interested parties may, therefore wish to talk to local police beforehand, or document problems themselves by, for example, keeping a diary or photographic evidence of any incidents.
Licensing authorities will need to be satisfied that there is an evidential and causal link between the representations made, and the effect on the licensing objectives.
It may be helpful to get the backing of other people living, or businesses operating in the vicinity of the premises, or other "responsible authorities", such as the police or environmental health.
If you are thinking of raising a petition, it is important to ensure that the licensing authority can determine whether all the signatories are within the 'vicinity' of the premise. So, including their addresses and indicating clearly what representation(s) they are all making would be helpful.

The licensing objectives are:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • Public safety at licensed premises
  • The protection of children from harm


If you don't feel confident about objecting yourself, your councillor is able to both make representations on your behalf.

In addition your councillor can potentially call for reviews of existing licences.


2. Objecting to gambling applications

An objection may be made by any interested person who lives sufficiently close to the premises, for which a licence is be applied, to be likely to be affected by the authorised activities, and those who have business interests that might be affected by the authorised activities.

Objections must be made against with Haringey Council's Gambling Policy.

Last updated: 24th April 2018


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