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Not sure how things are in downtown Harringay, but I walked along the Tottenham High Road today and was rather amazed that on such a busy road four days after the snow on Sunday there were still icy pavements between the High Cross pub and the police station.

With all the health and safety rules we have these days, should we not be doing something about this obvious danger?

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You should see the pavements inside the LTNs. They forced our flabby arse's out of cars so we could walk everywhere and haven't gritted the pavements. Genius!!

Hmm, fair point. Some of the sideroads do seem to have been gritted but hardly any of the pavements. 

It’s not an issue restricted to the LTNs. I live on a steep hill and can either slide down or risk walking in the road dodging the cars that use my street as a rat run. At least you have the option of walking on a relatively quiet road. I’m on my way back from Hackney and none of the side streets are gritted. I would imagine the priority anywhere right now is to use staff and the limited amount of rock salt available on pavements with the highest footfall 

I had to walk down the hill from Wightman road (W5 terminated by the library) and the pavements were very slippery. I think the de-icing of all the pavements is essential but hasnt been prioritized.

Yes, it does seem weird that people are put at such risk in this day and age. This is a subject which is close to my heart having once slipped and cut my head. I was a little the worse for wear at the time possibly, but it was the snow and ice that were to blame :)

I've found the roads in the LTNs easy as anything to walk along, because there's little ice and no cars. Anyway, when have side roads ever been gritted in snowy conditions? I'm interested to see what people have to say about traffic control measures when the inexorable effects of climate change are upon us.

Just because they've never been in the past doesn't mean they shouldn't have been. Just illustrates that in bad weather those most likely to be walking i.e children (and their parents), the elderly, the 45% without access to cars, those with mobility problems, the poorer member of our community are not seen as important as getting those in cars moving.

A council truly committed to equality would implement a policy of pavement clearance just like they do in Sweden where they know a thing or two about snow and ice. 

Or we could have the Canadian policy of fines for not keeping the pavements and paths around your house clear in bad weather (with clear contingency plans for those who can't do this) which I'm sure would go down well in the UK :)

The point is that in countries where snow and ice are a given, pavement clearance is also a given. We continue in England to treat this weather as a miraculous event that could not possibly be planned for as opposed to a regular event. 

The council is keen to promote so called "Active" Travel (or just travel for those of us who don't have cars) but unless it can be done in the most difficult of conditions it's just a 'nice to have' for the majority. Active travel, for example walking, isn't a hobby or a form of exercise, its the only way that 45% of Haringey residents get around daily. Surely they deserve to do so safely?

Well said! Liz

I have written to my MP Catherine West who has passed my suggestion of asking street cleaners to grit pavements instead of street cleaning to the relevant councillor

I'm pretty sure this already happens 

Monday morning 7 am a streetsweeper  was shovelling snow off the pavements on Umfreville Rd. Good effort.

It's been a pretty poor effort. The plan near me seems to be that so long as the cars are ok then the rest of us can wait for the snow to melt. My trip to nursery is so precarious that I've been tempted to drive it.

I can understand not everywhere being done instantly but it's been quite a while now and the council don't seem to be giving any feedback other than pointing people at this




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