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Fed up with 'CPZ creep' and endless consultations? Complaining on social media isn't going to change (or achieve) anything.

Come and join our community based working group to address these unwelcome council led initiatives.

Itis time for us and not the Council to decide what works for our community. No more CPZs! Direct message me for further details.

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What about the LTN on top of this? this is worse then the CPZ. Consultations are just a cover up so the council can say they follow legislation and the will of the people but at the end of the day they do what they want. Nothing you do will change it.

You are right about LTN's and the reason the have been to emboldened is becasue nobody stood up to them about CPZ. One battle at a time. 

I’m very happy with the local CPZ thank you

I'm pleased to hear that, you must need them but we don't. It's a juicy cash cow for Haringey.

I lived here before the introduction of the CPZ. My street was a free for all car park from about 6am on weekdays when commuters honked and swore at each other trying to squeeze in front of my house before setting off to Harringay station for their trip into work.  Weekends were fun too as they did the same before walking down to Green Lanes for their shopping or eating.  You’d get a bit of engine reving, supplemented by music being blasted out, from about 11pm as they prepared themselves for the drive home after enjoying an evening in the pubs and restaurants.

Like Michael, I too am very happy with CPZs in the borough, and am looking forward to LTNs. These help to reduce private motor-car traffic, and make it safer for people to cycle or walk. They also make things easier for public transport, and for taxi services (especially for people with disabilities who are unable to walk any distance). By reducing motor traffic (especially where motorists use streets as "rat-runs") they reduce air pollution, reducing health risks for all people, but especially for children. In most parts of Haringey there is no need for a private motor-car. Public transport is generally very good and reliable, and in most areas it is easy to walk to local shops and services. It is time to say NO to unreconstructed petrolheads who think they have a god-given right to drive their polluting vehicles wherever they want. It is time to think of the majority of people in Haringey, who do not have any access to a private motor-car. I am in St Anne's Ward, and more than 60% of households do not have a private motor-car. The vast majority of people living in the borough are far better off with CPZs, and will be even more so with LTNs.

I'm very happy with the CPZ where I am. No more commuters leaving their cars for free to get a bus or walk to the tube. No more camper vans and 2nd vehicles and vans that people in CPZs didn't want to buy a permit for. No more DHL using one end of the street as an informal depot/rest area. Places for tradespeople and visitors to park in close to the house. Don't make assumptions that your approach speaks for "our community". Roll on LTNs across the borough and the end to the dominance of the private car in the area.

I'm not speaking for everyone. I'm asking people if they are fed up and if they are they can join our group. I understand that some people benefit from CPZ. However we really don't need it or want it, where I live and I fear it is going to be forced on us when people in our area have clearly voted (if t the right word) against it. 

Possibly because our lovely HoL is (or was) largely focused around Harringay Green Lanes and the ladder, the views expressed can be understandably parochial. Personally, I quite agree with those who support the CPZs in this core area but I know that not every part of the Borough has one. Parts of Crouch End have CPZs which limit parking for just a two hour period (to cut out commuters). The Warner estate (just south of Alexandra Park has no CPZ but might end up with one because of the number of visitors to the park coming by car. The consultation helps to gague support and choose the hours etc.

Having said all that, the use of the word creep may have some justification. I sincerely hope however that any increasing bias in favour of further CPZs arises from the slowly growing belief that car usage imposes costs on others rather than some desire on the part of the Borough council to increase its revenue.

It is true that the HoL site was formed primarily for the area of Green Lanes and the Haringey Ladder. To suggest that views expressed are "parochial" is deliberately insulting and I request that you withdraw this statement. Most of the people who live in this area and are on HoL are intelligent and well-informed people, and have an understanding of issues not only in LB Haringey, but also throughout London. To suggest that comments here might be influenced by some desire to increase the LB Haringey's revenue, rather than what is best for the residents of the Borough is insulting and demeaning. I suggest you withdraw this comment also. Those of us who live in the Haringey area generally are concerned about the health and well-being of residents. Private motor-car use in Haringey, and more generally in London, is almost entirely unnecessary. Those who drive their pollution-spreading cars, poisoning the air, are not interested in the well-being of the people of London, either through ignorance or selfishness.

No, not really. There is no area of Green Lanes, unless you're Haringey Council. Otherwise, it'a a street.  And there's no such place as the Haringey Ladder. 

The site was set up for all of Harringay (not Haringey), hence the name. Harringay has four main areas, each of which has residents’ association covering all or part of the particular area.

  • Harringay Ladder (West Harringay)
  • Gardens (East Harringay)
  • Hermitage & Warehouse (South-east Harringay)
  • Woodlands Park incl Harringay Road and side roads (North-east Harringay)

There's more about Harringay here



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