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Council insist on last minute change to Harringay Bridge banner

Just hours before the final commissioning deadline for the temporary Harringay Bridge banner the Council required a change to the wording to be used for the south side banner.

Discussions have been conducted on the basis of this a banner which simply used "Harringay".

However in an instruction which came from the Council this week just hours before the banner order was due to be finalised, the design was changed to new wording.

I'm sure this will please some people and not others. But overall, we seem to have unanimous support for the north side banner and I'm sure we all see the great improvement this brings in the short term and the even bigger improvements it presages. So thanks again to Rob Chau for steering it through.

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Don't the Council have anything better to do ?

They want to call us Green Lanes and THEM Haringey. Thank goodness none of the other boroughs in London got such silly ideas. Can you imagine what would happen if Camden tried to rename Camden Town?

You've hit the nail on the head John!

I like your example too. Camden like Haringey is/was just a fiction. Camden as a name of an area, didn't exist before 1965. In those days no true Londoner would say that they lived in 'Camden'. They lived either in Hampstead, Kentish Town, Camden Town, Holborn or St Pancras.

The same was true in the area now called Haringey. You either lived in Hornsey,  Harringay or Tottenham.

No one says they live in Haringey do they? I live in Tottenham.

And Haringey only exists as an administrative entity and political constituency. And tht's how it is manged by the 'powers that be'.

For them, despite the lip service, people don't come first, but last. Ticking boxes and achieving objectives on paper is important. That's why my neighbourhood now looks like one big wheely bin rubbish depot!

Quite right. I think barely anyone identifies themselves as living in a borough or references their physical location by borough. This issue came up in the discussion on my exercise to see what people call Harringay (our neighbourhood).

And this is just typical that they time things this way giving us no opportunity to protest or appeal and basically grinding down our resistance. This has been going on for years and the thing that really sucks is our council tax is paying them to resist us. Ha bloody ha on us.

In the spirit of democracy can we not have a local referendum on what we call our area, as opposed to having it imposed (by our nominally elected representatives)???

What annoys me is that Tottenham is allowed to be Tottenham and is even Loved Up by the Council but over here there has been a struggle to claim a Harringay identity. I know T'ham has a lot of issues and needs but we do too and our area does a lot for the greater good of Haringey business wise etc... 

Not fair.. 

It's been promised.

When will it be up?

I think late June/early July was the original plan. It should then stay for 6 months prior to permanent works on the bridge.

I can think of one legitimate reason for the change. The banner will be right next to Harringay Green Lanes station whereas Harringay station is up off Wightman. The change might be to avoid confusion but it would have been nice to be told in advance.



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