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Hi all,

I recently came across a really inspiring story about a group of residents in Liverpool who transformed the alleyway behind their houses into a green and beautiful space. See the facebook link below for info and pictures. There's a similar project in Middlesborough.

I know that Harringay Passage isn't quite the same as this; none of us have back yards/gardens that open onto the passage.

However, I wonder if many of us could come together, and come up with ideas to make the passage a brighter, greener and more inviting space to walk through? The section nearest to me, between Fairfax and Effingham, happens to be the widest - so lots of opportunity to make it nicer. 

Also - I wondered if ideas such as this had been discussed / tried before?


Dan (Fairfax Road)


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Great idea Dan.  There is/was a Friends of Harringay Passage Group so it might be an idea to get in contact


Was. No longer meets. Will probably need to form a new action group Dan. 

See the planters on Falkland Rd? See the little planters under the road signs where the passage intersects the roads? That was done by the Harringay Passage Group. Sadly the group crossed swords with the council. Our planters in Falkland, which we got funding for and had built by a local tradesman, were deemed to be dangerous, not built to British Planter Standards and dangerous where they were originally placed. The meeting we had with them in the Falkland Rd one evening descended into farce and nastiness. Zena was the only sane person there from the council, there was another councillor and three senior officers. We've not really had the motivation to get back into it after that, we were definitely told to piss off.

I’m afraid that’s all true. We also had to conduct a counsultation and carried out a Ladder wide survey (put together by a leading academic) for which we had a much higher return rate than just about any consultation carried out by the council. We fundraised so it wouldn’t cost the council a penny and one of our number carried out long discussions with the council about our plans.

Then one hostile councillor got hold of it and, as John said,the whole project descended into farce. 

Times change though. Faces change at the council. New attitudes too. 

So don’t be put off but be prepared for the long haul. 

I think all our paperwork is on the site somewhere. Hugh has probably archived it as we used to have a group page. 

Actually it looks like he deleted it. 

Here’s what I can find on HoL tagged if you want to get an idea of what we did

FoHP Discussions on HoL

Last secretary’s report attached.

FOHP Sec Report 2016-17.pdf

Last one. The survey summary results.

FoHP Survey Results Jun 2015.pdf

A few years back, he culled all the groups that were never used. Sorry if something important was removed.

That was shocking behavour by the council. Someone hasn't given up, don't know who, but they still maintain one of those planters which looks like this today:

The ones on Beresford often look nice too. 

I do think making it greener is definitely a great idea and achievable. 

It's the drug dealing/ drug using/urinating /pooing that's an issue. 

100% behind this! It's quite narrow near the bottom but I'm sure something can be done. Invite (good!) street artists for example?

How annoying about the Council. Are planters more hazardous than the flytipped waste? Literally every day I report something or the other to Veolia for clean up.

Hi Dan, have you seen the plants, little penguin statues etc at the top of Park Ridings just behind the Mall in Wood Green? Looks brilliant and organised by their residents assoc and had to go through council, I think they even got the money from them. So hopefully things have changed! Great idea.



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