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(If none please can you give your general area as it seems N15 is way better than N8 / N4)

For me 2 posted at the end of Nov.

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Definitely - given this was already a problem during the first lockdown for the North London Delivery Office, they surely knew it would be an issue for the second, but it's definitely a lot cheaper not to take on more staff. 

I had heard that the temporary staff taken on for Christmas have been kept on to help get through the backlog. But the size of the backlog means it's taking longer than many of us would like.

A very large grey van was unloading parcels and posties on our street yesterday.

Same here. A large black van with dance music pumping and driver in hi-viz jacket has just delivered our last four pre Christmas parcels - yay! Could be the national shaming of Royal Mail deliveries in the media recently has galvanised management into action at last. 

Received a magazine subscription today perfectly on time. Still waiting one item due on 6th, one due on 12th, on 14th, 15th, and 16th...

Today I received what I think will be the final Xmas card posted in early Dec and also a very small package posted the same time. Probably taken 6/7 weeks but they're here now.

A monthly journal that usually arrives early in the month has now landed. I think I've got everything now but who knows. Good luck everyone else waiting for things. 

We do pay for this service and if there are problems there should be earlier warnings for us not to use it perhaps. 

Respect to the posties who have been working their socks off. And to the unseen employees in the sorting office. 

FYI, just got 3 Big Issue delivered this morning (22nd January), including the Christmas special (dated 21st December) - this is in N4

Six outstanding packages just delivered. By a man in a black van. He rang my bell and I answered the intercom. He said it was Father Christmas and he has a lot of presents for me. Very odd. But I answered the door anyway. Obviously someone hired especially to deliver the backlog.

Got a letter today with the results of tests I had at the Homerton Hospital - dated 18 December.

That's really too long to wait for test results Michael. I hope you're ok and that long delay won't be detrimental to your health. 

All good but a hell of a wait to find out!

Hi Michael, can you let David Lammy and Catherine West know as they are pressuring the Post Office to take on and retain more staff. The Post Office has committed to giving NHS letters priority for delivery. Glad that the results were ok.



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