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(If none please can you give your general area as it seems N15 is way better than N8 / N4)

For me 2 posted at the end of Nov.

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Something posted to me on Wednesday arrived yesterday. But I'm still waiting for two that should have arrived on 6 January, plus four items that should have been with me a week ago already.

Just had 6 parcels delivered, all posted first week in December! Time for a second Christmas :)

Has anyone been brave enough to order parcels in recent weeks? I've been avoiding it but wondering if new parcels are actually being delivered.

I've had something arrive the other day that was ordered just three days earlier. But I am still waiting for some items from three weeks ago.

Two self addressed envelopes I posted from Crouch End eight days ago; one with a first class stamp arrived the following day however the second class one took 7 days to reach N8 arriving yesterday. The service is still uneven. 

...I meant to say 'the second class one took 7 days to reach Harringay N4...'

Did the letters say anything important or useful ?

Or did they just further clog up the system to no purpose?

You seem to be invoking the wafer-thin mint that was the nemesis of Mr Creosote.

Dear me; as if two letters posted by maggie would disable the whole of the nearly indefatigable and hard-pressed Royal Mail delivery staff (perhaps not managers, see Catherine West MP's effective communication in another thread). 

"Two self addressed envelopes" were the straw which broke the camels back and brought the whole of the postal system to a grinding halt which in turn led to the destruction of the universe.

It did however let me know that it took a day for a specified first class envelope to arrive in N4 posted from N8 while a second class specified envelope took a week. Draw your own conclusions.

Seems reasonable.They may be prioritising First Class letters which might be useful to know.

Still waiting for something posted early December. Got a Xmas card yesterday posted in mid Dec.

And early Jan. mail not arrived but some recent stuff came yesterday. Uneven and patchy for sure. Let's see what today brings, if anything. 

Thanks, think I'll hold off a while longer. Keen to not add to the problem by piling more parcels into the delivery office given that none of it is essential or urgent.

Saw our postie to talk to briefly today and he said it had been an exhausting couple of weeks trying to get through it all, and still very busy.

I feel for the posties, who are doing their best. But there should have been more staff brought in to cover sick and isolating colleagues. It's not good enough really. I know we're in the midst of a pandemic but we have been for a long time now so some back up Plan B perhaps could have been put into action? 



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