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(If none please can you give your general area as it seems N15 is way better than N8 / N4)

For me 2 posted at the end of Nov.

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Three that I know of. One which I ordered, two that my dad ordered as stocking fillers for the little one. (Not that she suffered for it tbf).

N4, Ladder. 

Down to only one pending now. 


Nice - Michaela are you N8 / N4 or N15 / N22 ?

2 that I ordered from ebay, and 2 that friends sent me as presents

None. Based in N8

We're missing 6 parcels. N8

Actually, 9, I forgot some!

N4 Ladder here. 2 eBay ones (end of Nov and start of Dec). Both sellers refunded me so they’re out of pocket.  My friend who lives in N22 at Turnpike Lane and is an avid ebayer lost exactly none.  He even got one from Paris 3 days after it was posted

I have a red card to say that 2 parcels due for traced delivery on Dec 19 were now at the depot, also one posted end of November is still missing. I live in N4. I sent a small parcel to France on November 16th and that finally arrived at a French depot for collection on December 28th, seems that they are having problems too. I am not criticising the posties however, they are battling through staff shortages at a difficult time.

I agree, it’s not the fault of the staff.  I can’t imagine the situation with sickness is that much different than at any other of the offices serving the area so I can only think it has to be the way the problem is being (mis)managed



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