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(If none please can you give your general area as it seems N15 is way better than N8 / N4)

For me 2 posted at the end of Nov.

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One small package not received, send early Dec. Some post not received as well. N4. Gardens. 

Is there anyone else who has still NOT received any parcels? I'm on the ladder, N8, and have only had one letter delivery in 2021. Seeing lots of people getting parcels now and I'm hoping it's not another issue with the posties not bothering to buzz for access to our block!

I’m still waiting four 4 parcels. One other was sent back to the company I ordered it from but it had been marked as delivered and signed fir on 31st Dec (which it wasn’t) which is very disappointing. I had next-day-delivery parcel due on Thursday ( and got a Royal Mail text to say so) which still hasn’t arrived.

I got 3 parcels yesterday! (north end of the ladder)

 I have one parcel outstanding (I'm in N4) from mid-December but something I ordered on Wednesday arrived early Thursday morning so that theory of the parcels from ages ago being at the back rings true to me!

My two from end of Nov arrived early today. Plus one I didn't know it was coming.

Get that Turkey in the oven!

One of the two parcels I earlier reported that were sent to me from Dundee on 2 December arrived on 14 January. I'm awaiting and hoping for the second one.


Nine parcels arrived yesterday. The postman  said they were the last of the backlog but we know of three others we are still waiting for

Still waiting for something from the start of December, and anything I've ordered since Jan 1st that's coming via Royal Mail is also missing, suggesting it's not just the backlog (which still exists), but also continuing struggles.

Glad to report my last missing parcel arrived today. So keep waiting everyone and hopefully you'll be lucky!

I live in hope of getting a delayed Christmas present and post! 



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