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(If none please can you give your general area as it seems N15 is way better than N8 / N4)

For me 2 posted at the end of Nov.

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Second Christmas!

Delivery for all of Umfreville Road early afternoon today (proper delivery, not just a parcel drop). First sighting since New Year's Eve except for parcels.

The postie said things are very slightly better now, and casuals have been kept on beyond Christmas, but the casuals were hired too late and too few in number.

Hot News: the Royal Mail today announced a new chief executive, Simon Thompson who starts immediately. Ex-Ocado, and recently Managing Director of 'NHS Test and Trace' (um, good news and bad news?). More here [Guardian] and here [BBC].

If you want to write him a stiff letter of complaint about the performance of the North London Delivery Office his address is:

Royal Mail Group
100 Victoria Embankment

You never know, the early bird catches the worm sort of thing...

Another major Xmas delivery today on Seymour Road. All bar one of our missing items has now arrived and similar reports from neighbours. It took the postman hours to get through the volume (we personally had 3 separate deliveries over a few hours) but delighted to say we seem to be getting there at last ;) Hope same for others.

An article in the Guardian today about the postal problems. They mention Hornsey N8 but not N4.

I am worried that if notification for Covid vaccines are being sent by post I will not receive mine in time so today I am posting a self addressed letter near my doctors to see if and when it arrives. This may also be problematic for anyone awaiting hospital appointments etc.


I wrote to David Lammy this morning and received this reply;-

Dear Maggie, 

Thank you very much for your email. We completely understand your frustration and concern and agree that Royal Mail are currently failing the residents of the N4 and N8 areas. It’s safe to say that you aren’t the first constituent to get in touch about Royal Mail’s poor service in the last two months. 

David met with Royal Mail’s local service delivery lead in mid-December to express the exasperation felt by constituents. He also wrote in the week before Christmas, the week after Christmas, last Friday and today to inform them that the issues remain and have certainly not improved. In last Friday’s letter, David raised his significant concern about the impact the delays could have on covid-19 vaccination appointment arrangements. Today he wrote to convey his frustration with the N4 postcode not being included in the list published in the article you’ve linked. 

In the most recent response, received just before Christmas, Royal Mail explain that there has been a substantial increase in volume of mail, and an increase in staff absences due to many staff self-isolating. Their sorting offices have also had to implement measures to try to reduce the spread of coronavirus. This, combined with issues further up the supply chain, has created a very difficult situation in which there are significant delays and intermittent deliveries. Royal Mail say that they have hired 10 additional staff at the North London Delivery Centre and have obtained additional vehicles to allow them to complete more single-person delivery rounds.

In that response, Royal Mail also said that despite the issues, N4/N8 residents were then receiving post three days per week. We understand that this is far from the experience of many constituents, with some, such as yourself, reporting waits of many weeks between deliveries. David will therefore continue to keep the pressure on – we are exploring all avenues to try to do this.
We’ve been advised that the best thing for individuals to do, which you may already have done, is to make complaints about specific cases directly to Royal Mail, and then to the Independent Postal Redress Scheme. You can read more about how to do this here: 

Finally, David has also raised the issue of Royal Mail’s poor service with Haringey’s public health team. He has asked that they try to find ways to mitigate the impact – using other means of communication to inform residents about their covid-19 vaccine appointments. We will let you know when we hear back from them regarding this. 
We will let you know as soon as David receives further communication from Royal Mail. Please do keep us updated, whether the situation improves or continues to be poor.
Best wishes, 

Office of Rt Hon. David Lammy MP
Member of Parliament for Tottenham

We certainly don’t get Mail in N8 8QG three times a week. We seem to get some on Mondays only and none of the parcels we are waiting for have arrived

I think we get a delivery every 3 weeks, not 3 deliveries a week at the moment! Hoping the news that people in N4 are starting to get their parcels means that we will eventually start to see the same in N8.

Haringey didn't even make this list. Not sure if it's an omission or other places are actually worse.

Well, it did. The list is organised by former sorting office. It includes Hornsey which is in Haringey and includes part of Harringay. 

Makes sense, thanks.

A postman just called, not our usual one, and delivered eight items all in one go. Including one that was due on 16 December!



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