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I am not sure if people have already seen this. It would see that the council is proposing breaking up of the Wood Green CPZ. Strangely I appear to be having problems locating the page for this on the web site but I have the links.

Proposed break up of wood green cpz.

Map of new Zones

Personally I am not very happy about it as I loved the flexibility being a member of the wood green CPZ gave me. I often visited Russell park and Lord ship Rec, better than mixing with the colourful characters on Duckettes. Clearly it is being done to prevent any local travel, Ironically it is now actually easier for me to visit places like Elthorne Park, that have far better time restrictions than the blanked 8:00-6:30 so popular in Harringey. From my point of view this is going to do nothing to improve my environment as I live on Lausanne Road is used as a rat run by everyone. The regulations don't cover sundays, then the church in the old Cinema by Duckettes has people parking everywhere. Rather than keeping me local, this kind of thing is driving me away from the area!

I don't expect the consultation to do anything, its just something they have to do before ignoring us and doing this "for our own good".


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i must say, i always found it most strange that those with a WG permit were able to park pretty much anywhere between Beresford Road and (it seemed) Bounds Green, where as those of us with a GLA(orB) permit were restricted to an area the size of a postage stamp!

i would have thought it would make sense to have a proper "Ladder" zone which included all roads from Turnpike Lane to Endymion Road, and stretching from Wightman Road over to include the "Gardens"

I would agree with you that it is unfair, I don't however think it is a problem the WG one. I personally would love to see residents issued a time disk so they could visit ANY other Harringey CPZs for say 4 hours, which would promote people doing stuff in Harringey, I fear this change will just help to kill our highstreet a little more. I am all up for stopping people using the area as a place park and jump on the tube to go elsewhere. However If we make our shops to hard to access, people will not use them, they will go elsewhere or just buy online, when you being charge 3pounds + for 1 hour of parking, its very easy to get the message, your not wanted here.

"If we make our shops to hard to access..." I live off of Philip Lane N17 and don't own a car. Shopping locally is very easy without one. So I don't really understand your argument unless you have a disability or some other compelling reason for needing one to do local shopping.

Cars can be handy for certain things but certainly not for "local" shopping!

I haven't read it all yet, the consultation means 'we're going to do it anyway'. From what I have read, the aim is to stop people using their cars to drive to other parts of the CPZ coverage, how much an actual problem this is regarding extra traffic I don't know, I suggest little. Sadly, when a good idea is implemented (as CPZ is), you can guarantee that subsequent bureaucratic meddling will eventually wreck it. LBH also E-mailed to inform me that CPZ charges will be increased by 10% in July/August, and there will be further restrictions on day permits.

From talking to my partner, she thinks the council is just doing it to make more money as they can charge more people for on street parking who previously would have parked for free.

I personally fully support it. As the current zone is so big we get a lot of people who have permits parking at my end because it’s right next to the shops and Tube. This causes a nightmare for residents. Also on a Sunday because it’s free in my street, parking is a nightmare. These changes will reduce this and where a person would use the car because they can park nearer they may walk instead. As far as consultation, each house will have a paper consultation posted in the door by 19th July. 

We don't have a big problem with that on Lausanne Road, I assume your road is nearer the tube? I would love some system that promoted use of the local area, but stopped people using the area as a car park to go into the smoke. Sunday does have its problems though, but this change will not address is as its keeping the hours/days the same.

We have a problem here. I live at top end of langham rd near tube and Wood Green and fed up of people parking for tube and shops when residents can't park near their home. The hours will change here to 7 days up to 10pm unlike now 6 days up to 6.30pm 

Same here. We're on Sydney and so many people drive here to park their cars to get on the Tube. We know of one person who drives four streets from Falkland Road every day to dump their car! I don't know if it will make any difference to them if they're still in the same parking zone but hopefully it will deter others from driving short distances to park here and reduce traffic pollution. Agree that free parking Sundays are a nightmare and it's a shame this plan doesn't address that.

That's astonishing! It must take longer to get in a car and drive four roads over to Sydney Road than it would to just walk to the tube, especially at rush hour. The changes will probably not address that, either.  

I agree it's disappointing Sunday parking is not addressed. I'd like to see the 8am to 6.30pm restrictions extended to seven days a week.

I know! So tempting to leave a note on their windscreen telling them to walk but I don't want to be *that* person.

And yes, we would like Sunday parking restrictions too. There are a lot of elderly people living on Sydney – it's one of those streets where houses don't often come up for sale and families have lived here for generations – who need to be able to park close to their homes but on Sundays you often end up round the corner in Raleigh because of the shoppers.

 So tempting to leave a note on their windscreen telling them to walk

As a disabled person, I would really resent that.

I would love to be able to walk to the station, but I can't.



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