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I can imagine wheelchair users are over the moon about this bodge job on Wightman Road.

Or kids on scooters, or me on a skateboard. Can't beleive they've just left it like this. Am I holding my breath hoping they'll come finish it?

The narrowing of the road to fit cars in better is good in theory but it's making it a pretty hellish place to drive down when people realise they can't fit 2 vans going opposite direction at the same time. It seems they chose more cars of any kind of bike lane then?

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If you have a walk around the streets on the south side of Seven Sisters Road opposite Finsbury Park (Queens Drive and so on) Islington have had very similar schemes in place for years.  In addition they have some streets where the cars have to park at 45 degrees to the pavement (with their rear ends sticking out) so restricting the traffic flow even more.  What were congested rat runs are relatively quiet streets.

That area is Hackney and many of the roads are closed - it does not have a busy B road with a layout like the one Wightman is becoming, with small bits of granite jutting out into the road altering the flow of traffic. The B road that does cut through FP is slowed by its natural course. 

Sorry, Hackney.  Just because Wightman is a busy B road doesn’t mean it has to be that way.  It’s about choice surely.

Queen's Drive also has modal filtering though. If they'd put a big gate in half way down Wightman Road then there probably wouldn't be the same problems. Haringey's priority was always to keep the traffic flowing at speed though so they were never going to do that.

fully agree Paul. They need to put up signs to warn of the narrowing ahead. they come out of nowhere and even when going 20miles per hour require quick reaction times esp when vans come into your lane. 

I see not one shred of evidence that Harringay councillors  are concerned about air pollution or the climate emergency. We need a change of councillors in this area!

Collectively, Haringey (and therefore Harringay) councillors have recently declared a climate emergency - 


and last month the Cabinet espoused an air quality action plan consultation - 


That's two shreds.

Maybe things are looking up but I'll hold my (toxic!) breath until I see them actually make some real changes. They seem fine to let residents and even children breathe toxic air. So long as cars can park on Green Lanes and can make it along Wightman road without being impeded by cyclists etc etc

I admit to having low expectations  - but this does seem to be shaping up to worse than I imagined. A car hit one one of the build outs this morning at some speed and had a blow out. 

Generally, it actually looks like they have actually made cycling on Wightman Road even more dangerous than it used to be. Wow. 

Treated myself to a couple of expeditions down there on the home commute of late... I get the impression the cluttered, claustrophobic feel is to slow down drivers - it doesn't.

Those build outs really come out of nowhere. They should put signs up warning of narrowing ahead. It’s even worse at night because they chose black bollards with no reflectors on them (as far as I can see). Wightman Road really has become more dangerous to drive on for all participants 

I commented upthread about Ladder roads turnings onto Wightman now being so much more hazardous that some out-of-area [rat-run] drivers will choose another route.

Is this also an unstated strategy for the whole length of Wightman too?



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