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I have just been on the  Haringey Council Visitors parking passes to find that all passes are now virtual and the paper ones are being phased out.  From now on you will have to register online and then when you have a visitor or a trades person coming you have to go online and log the start and finish time of their visit !  How can this possibly work?  Some people wont have easy  access to internet. Also  if you have an unexpected visitor you then have to go in and log the time and end time and them if they overstay log in again. The same with any  trades people. Its so inconvenient.  I phone and spoke with someone in the parking section and asked if they have had many complaints and she said they have.  I was told to go to their website and fill in a complaints form if I was unhappy with the new system. 

Does anyone else feel that this is an unworkable and inconvenient system ?

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Hi Bamako.  I did a trial on the new system and I was assured the paper vouchers will continue to be available and that they are not being phased out.  A couple of weeks ago, I, again, contacted the person who I did the trial with and asked him about the paper vouchers and he said they would continue and that you could get them at Wood Green Library.  I did ask if you could still order them online and he wasn't sure but said he would find out and get back to me. Regards, James Cowling 

Ridiculous. Another daft Haringey action. The Council increasingly put us at arm's length and make direct contact impossible. This should be a possibility IN ADDITION to the paper system as so many have no access to IT. We shouls always be able to easily contact a PERSON to deal with issues. Haringey make thus difficult and alsi complaining is hard abd often you get no response

I have 20 of unused 2020 permits. I sent them back in January but the council has returned them to me. I have managed to use just a few up to end of June. 
I have paid for those permits so the council should get them exchanged or refund the full cost of them back to me.  Is there any chance of either? 
I find it quite unbelievable why there is a year to scratch at all (on the permits). It’s completely pointless. 
Lambeth council, for example, does not have a year on their permits. Why would you want one as you can only use it in the current year!
 The council should just accept all paper permits regardless of which year they end and this should be made very clear in their website. Unfortunately, I just had a look on the website, I could not find any reference with regards to paper permits at all, as if they have never existed 

Look at my links above. I got this resolved then Zena got it confirmed. 

Thanks for all the replies

The person I spoke to said that paper ones are being phased out. Anyone with paper ones can use them till they're used up. She says if you don't have access to internet then you can get a form posted the your house to apply for [I presume] paper ones. I have applied for the form which still hasn't arrived. She said if I wanted to complain I could fill in a complaints form on their website which I intend to do. 

Surely they should offer both methods, paper and virtual which would work for everyone.

I texted Peter Mitchell councillor and he reassured me paper permits are still valid 

They are still valid but they are being phased out and you cant order in the future. Virtual is the only option. That's the point

I’ve complained but told there was a consultation last year and it’s too late now

This is what I get on their website:

Unfortunately, the Haringey Online Payment System cannot be used at present. This may be because the site is offline for daily maintenance (usually between 11pm and 11:59pm) or because you clicked ‘refuse’ on the cookies banner (cookies need to be accepted for the site to work I am afraid). If neither of these, then the site must be experiencing technical difficulties – in which case please try again in a few hours. If the problem persists then please contact us through www.haringey.gov.uk/contact-form with more details (such as the time you experienced the problem, and which browser and device you were using). Many thanks.

I am afraid too and it is not because of the cookies....

Check the cookies and added the page to make sure it goes through. I got another error different this time:

An error occured while processing your request

Which by the way I think it has a spelling mistake, should it be "occurred" (English is not my first language) 

What a joy!!! 

I think I give up for now and try my luck at the Wood Green Library, fingers crossed. 

Certainly does not bode well for sponteity in life or for accidents. Let's just hope that the site is up and running if you have a plumbing or other emergency where the tradesperson needs to park near your home.

We, on this side of the borough also have to check the events on at the flying saucer megastadium in North Tottenham, as on events days the parking is more restrictive than normallly. Wore betid eyou if friends rock up with a car on a Sunday and you doen't check if there is a concert, yankee football or home match on.

And I say this as someone who is not particularly 'sympathetic' to car driving or ownership!

It's working for me at the moment. It is a bit rubbish though and a few things I've noticed:

It doesn't take American Express (although it doesn't tell you this until you fill in all of the details and try and order).

9 times out of 10 my saved addresses are just blank or some random commas.

When I enter my address the postcode search doesn't work, I have to enter it manually each time.

You can start filling the page in before accepting cookies. At the point you accept cookies it will clear everything that you have entered on the page.

It is obviously a beta versiion still being tested then...before the real rollout! N'est ce pas.

A really well executed, inclusive, community-helpful system, developed in collaboration with those it is meant to serve....NOT!

So typical of the ineptitude that is so rife in Haringey Council. I really DO NOT KNOW WHY THIS COUNCIL IS SO BLIGHTED!



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