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Hi there

I live on Turnpike Lane and over the past 6 weeks (so pretty much ever since the lockdown started) , 4 of my parcels went missing. Whenever I buy something online and it’s posted through courier companies - it gets delivered to my flat with no issues, BUT if the parcel is posted through Royal Mail, it gets strangely lost  on the way !!!! :( :( As much as I am obviously aware of Royal mail workers being overwhelmed because of the covid-19, it’s now been 4 parcels of mine which have disappeared. I did get my money back for them (luckily) but hey I wanted my items, not my money back :(

btw, I did checked with the neighbours, around the wheelie bins etc etc.... 

I was wondering if anyone else in the area has had the same issue????!!!!!!

any advice would be much appreciated :) 

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They're quite possibly still sitting on a shelf at the sorting office. In N8 they have just 15% of their usually staff numbers and when parcels and letters are picked up and taken out for delivery is totally random. Most post just isn't being sorted. The delivery people that are working are doing the best they can from what I can see. I was told that if someone has a cough they're immediately sent home whereas before the employee would make the decision whether they felt well enough to work or needed to take sick leave.


I sympathise with you. But please do not genaralise about the Royal Mail. Say it is about your local centre. I know (and I have spoken to my regular postman recently, after a previous post) they are having problems at the sorting offices and there are issues with how the staff is treated. But my experience is quite the opposite.

Last week I received a text from DPD, which I avoid like the plague, saying an item I ordered from Italy would be delivered giving me a precise 1 hour time slot. The item was never delivered. DPD said they didn't have my contact details to enable delivery despite them texting me and having my post code and name!!! They have no telephone no. for customers t make enquiries. They use a virtual/automated customer service 'replier' and as a result I had to contact the supplier directly asking them to organise for redelivery. The supplier confirmed they would do this but I heard nothing after that.

My parcel is now apparently on its way back to Italy! This is the SECOND time I have had a parcel returned abroad after the courrier company made up some nonsense about them trying to deliver!

I PREFER Royal Mail. If they do not deliver I can go and collect my item since the depot is local and not out in the sticks.

They provide a great service, which I suppose unfortunately is being undermined since privatisation and them having to compete with courrier companies that do not have good working conditions = pay, proper pensions, maternity leave, etc...for their workers.

I prefer Royal Mail. I have not had issues with them in years! And I do not work for them either.

Has there been any indicator when they may start properly dealing with the backlog?

I'm missing a fair number of parcels from the past month or two and the requirement for some of them is starting to get a bit desperate. Random parcels occasionally turn up 3 or 4 weeks late but there's still plenty missing and absolutely no communication around it.

Yes, some communication would be nice - I know it's not their fault, but some kind of acknowledgement that parcels have been missing or 2 months delayed would be reasonable I think. I suspect it's 'North London Sorting Office', which is kind of a mess at the best of times.

6 sweet potato slips, 30 strawberry plants and a packet of sweet corn seeds ordered in March and in the post for over a month have all arrived bit by bit. The live plants looked very sad but a bit of water and tlc and they have all perked up. The 'postie' was working through the bank holiday to catch up.

The plants survived a month without water! Not bad going.

I've been waiting nearly two months for some tracked parcels (N8 postcode), but some stuff has arrived much sooner.

Got an annoyed phone call last week asking why I hadn’t turned up for an MRI.  The appointment letter (dated early May) arrived yesterday.  Now another two month wait for a new appointment.  It’s not just the nice things that are being held up



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