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Residents are expressing their anger at Post Office is plans to close the Harringay sorting office.

There's been a sorting office in Harringay since the Arena closed down and it was designed in to the new Arena shopping park. However, times have changed and the Royal Mail is seeking to making cost savings. So it seems like the sorting office at the back of the Arena Shopping Park is due for the chop.

Its premises will be converted into retail space with a new entrance next to Sports Direct.

To find out more, come along to the Harringay & St Ann's Area Forum this Thursday.

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What a pity.   I love just walking over the road to collect any post/parcels etc.   Before this facility, we had to go to Finsbury Park, Fonthill road.

Do you know where they intend to relocate to?

I am happy to sign any petition going.

How bizarre, had no idea this was here - all our undelivered mail goes to Tottenham Lane! We are on Seymour. I wonder where the cut off point is between the two.
Same for me. We're both in the old Hornsey postal district - probably why.
Think you're right. We're in the last N4 road and ours goes to the Arena. Great shame if this one goes as public transport to it from most places it serves is easy. If they transfer the service to Tottenham Lane I would guess a lot more people will drive.

Undelievered mail to at least the upper part of Stapleton Hall Road (N4 4**) also goes there. If it closes it going to affect a wide area – I'd like to know how far away the alternative would be.

Shame - it's very convenient where it is. What about the postmen, won't they have further to travel?

More retail space won't help the traffic jams on exiting the retail park 

Very upsetting losing this facilty. So easy to just walk around there and always a friendly smile from the guy who works there. Will he lose his job? I smelt a rat when they Royal Mail started rolling out this leaving it with your neighbour 'service.' We pay more and more for postage for less and less of a service. Bring back pigeon post.. 

Oh no! Bad news! Please let us know where to complain after the meeting.....

Closing sorting offices is just the thin end of the wedge. Privatisation of Royal Mail is coming, and then the first thing to go will be Saturday deliveries. After that: who knows? An end to daily deliveries? Collecting your post at the nearest local post office, or perhaps a supermarket counter? 

If you go past the cash points at Sainsburys there are boxes you can rent there. Not sure what the deal is though.

I just noticed this story I posted last month about the Royal Mail's introduction of a 'delivery to neighbour service'.



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