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Following work by Loos for Haringey, who are working to convince Haringey Council that the degenerated state of the few remaining public toilets needs to be dealt with, and who are hoping to devise a scheme where shops and other premises can encourage access to toilets for those in need such as many disabled people, as well as elders, there is now a consultation online.

The consultation will inform the strategy for public toilets in the borough, with a view to actions regarding

  • publicly accessible toilets including changing facilities for babies and facilities for people with disabilities.
  • toilets that can be located in public buildings such as libraries and community centres, shopping centres, parks, as well as other public toilets which the council maintain.

The consultation runs from 29 January to 29 April 2024.

Complete the consultation here

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Many thanks for posting this Liz.  Since having pelvic radiotherapy I have to plan where I can go according to the availability of loos.  Provision in Haringey is terrible.


Sainsbury's at the retail park is a landmark.

Also Stroud Green  & Harringay Library, though we may lose access to the toilet under Haringey Council's proposed cuts, dammit.

The toilets at McDonald's are also an option. And they are infinitely more pleasant than those in Sainsbury's.

If you don't live on the stretch between Spurs and the tube station, be grateful. Or wear wellies.

Looking at the map will have to go and look - certainly the ones on St Anns Road were closed last time I needed a loo..

Does anyone know whats happened to the loos in Morrisons - they are permanently fenced off

If you are near Victoria Station and need a loo theres a fabulous one in Cardinal Place at the side of M&S - provided by Westminster Council. Its staffed so if you havent got 20p they will come to rescue!

Even toilet maps let you down Kate. The one I use shows a public loo at Turnpike Lane bus station but it seems to be permanently locked. I have a RADAR key but even that doesn’t seem to give you access. 

Think thats been a dodo for many years - disgraceful when its a travel interchange.

Sorry you couldnt get in when you needed it.

I see these in use most days. It's just that people have to use the outside of them rather than the inside now ...

If the ones in St Ann's Road (Chestnuts Park) are closed I usually try the toilets in St Ann's Hospital. They are now in the corridor, near the restaurant.

I've sometimes found that the Morrisons ones are still open, if you walk round the fencing.

Thanks for the tip about the ones at Victoria. The ones in the coach station are sometimes disgusting!

Part of being a living being is that we urinate and defecate — luckily humans can do it in toilets, especially when living around other humans. It should be therefore a human right to have a place to conduct this business in a hygienic and dignified manner; it is a matter of public health to make sure that nobody has to use bushes and streets. (I’d add having showers as well for those who sleep on the street.)

Is there a way all the lavatories on the map could be checked to see if they are available - today I was in Wood Green library - the mens lavatories had a notice that was out of order (only one loo I think) the womens was locked - showing white rather than engaged red on lock. At least there are the public lavatories in the Mall - but with that library being combined with a Council enquiries department it didnt seem a happy situation.



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