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Haringey Libraries: accept new Terms & Conditions before Fri Dec 2 or your membership is suspended

As Liz has posted, Haringey Libraries are joining The Libraries Consortium (TLC) giving access to loads more resources and libraries. You will be able to access all TLC libraries with your existing Haringey Library card. From 2 to 7 December online services will be suspended while they upgrade the systems. So far so good.

What isn't clear in all that publicity is that unless Library members fill in a short form to accept new Terms & Conditions, either online or on paper at a library, their card will stop working from Friday December 2 until the T&Cs are accepted.   The same will apply when online book renewals, requests etc are attempted when the system is up and running again.

Here's a link to the online form. Mercifully, it's short and clear. Parking, are you hearing me shouting that?

Here's a link to the new T&Cs. The changes only relate to Data Protection I think.

I only found out because the Library system has my email address so contacted me that way.

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Thank you, Gordon. This very poorly publicised change is here on the Haringey website.

Disgraceful lack of communication.

I only read it now on harringayonline.

They just do not care!

Thanks. Not how I read the council info. Appreciate your clearer explanation

So, I have my kids accounts linked to my own email address and so received 3 separate, but identical, emails asking me to accept the new T&Cs. I clicked on each, but each appeared to take me to the exact same URL. I am not sure if they were able to track who I was, and from which account I was accepting T&Cs from, but my worry is that I did not have to put any info in whatsoever to differentiate the accounts. I guess we will find out when we next try to use the relevant account/card!

I got this screen asking for details after following the link

You had to scroll to the bottom of the T&Cs and click the link there.

I would have totally missed that you had to accept new T&Cs, it was a bit buried in the email.

I just got a long list of T&Cs and a tick box. How odd.

Strange, I got the T&Cs and then this link at the bottom which took me to the above. I got an email confirmation after I completed it.

Crikey, how random. I will give it another go... Or just walk up there on Sat!

Do: they are very nice people!

And the coffee shop two doors down does a mean flat white until about 1300 on Sat (& Sun but no Library).

PS Steam train at Harringay station at 0900 just as the library opens.

Wooooo hooooo!!

yes good idea. They can either fill it in for you I think

Thanks for the reminder. I can't see what's different here from what would have been the case previously. Perhaps it's just being formalised more.



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