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Can anyone explain how these cars are able to park for weeks on Effingham and Whightman without ever getting a ticket??!

Obviously spraypainting the no parking sign must help, but these people seem to have found a way to park illegally (often on the pavement) and NEVER get a ticket.
How does that work?

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I have no idea, I’m afraid. Perhaps, she’s playing her cards close to her chest. 

I went past the RMT picket line today outside the sidings on the Hampden Road spur. Apart from the really nice looking Audi Q5 and BMWs I saw parked up I noticed at least 2 vehicles had their number plates taped over and covered (the ones at the front of the bunch parked up).

I was going to take photos when I came back (as I could see their rear number plates), but I thought better of it in case there was threat of a lynching!

It made me wonder if the initial problem Kevin points out may be railway workers, and not the garage I speculated earlier??? 

Having just watched the Ogmios School of Zen Motoring on YouTube, I discover that duct tape is applied to licence plates to be able to drive through LTNs and not get a fine.  Ogmios films at the Downhills Park one in the early days and soon notices that drivers are temporarily covering their plates (sometimes not very well as you will see if you watch the episode)

Yes - having read the previous comment I was going to say that covering the front plate only is a method of avoiding LTN fines. Having recently moved from Islington (where the local LTN started in 2020) I used to see this quite a bit…

I love him

Reg. 9 of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London.

An authorised officer of a London Authority or a parking attendant acting in the course of his duties as such may remove anything which obscures a registration mark or any part of a registration mark fixed on a vehicle.

Why not? The car owner has no legs to stand on as they were illegally obscuring their numberplate in the first place. 

I thought those cars on the end of the road were cars that are awaiting repair from the garage opposite. I often see them working on them as they are parked  there.

Haringey need to find a solution to a problem of their own making.  Let's have a resident's parking system where every authorised vehicle displays a permit which could be downloaded from the internet and visitors permits which can be purchased in paper form so the car can be clearly seen to be authorised, not only by council wardens, enforcement officers, whatever but also by local residents who would dearly love to make sure that their road is not being dumped on.  Hang on, that's what we had before the current nightmare was introduced...

Rogue parking has been a problem for decades. Not sure it can be blamed on electronic vs paper permits or indeed on driving restrictions. A large swathe of car owners believe they are above any kind of law. 



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