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I know there are many HoL fox discussion threads, but In a quick look I haven't found anything about this problem, so any help gratefully received...

The local foxes are regularly opening up the kitchen food waste bin that sits in the front garden and strewing the contents across the path and garden, even if the handle's in the locked position. Has anyone got ideas for making the bin more secure (but still Veolia-friendly)? It's messy enough as it is, and I don't want any other passing creatures seeing this as a takeaway outlet.

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They are partial to dairy products too so eggy things, cheese, etc will get their attention and yes they do like a bit of fruit too. However, as the diet in my house is predominantly vegan, the food waste is veg and fruit scraps and they don't bother. They did try to run off with my fresh bread delivery once or twice and the delivery guy had to chase them off. I once made the mistake of leaving a few leather gardening gloves in the garden in an outdoor storage shed. They got in, pulled them all out and chewed the lot. They've also destroyed the odd leather football, the rascals. 

Nevertheless, purely anecdotally, if the tiniest bit of meat goes into my food bin, so do they (which is why I leave the bones out in the front garden as an offering)! 

Otherwise, they pretty much ignore my bin for the majority of the time and its not because they aren't visiting going by the little "presents" they leave me to clean up.   

I had a severe problem some years ago. I then added this on my bin and problem solved. The clip is the type you rap around your suit case and so costs a couple of pound. Foxes cannot open but at same time easy for dustman. See photo 


Just wondering if contributors are putting their food waste into a compostable liner bag, or directly into the bin? I fill a bag inside the kitchen caddy bin, then transfer the bag, securely tied, to the pavement collection bin on collection day and haven't had a fox problem. The extra layer may mask smells. Of course there is a cost involved in buying the bags!

I use a liner bag from the inside caddy.

The clip idea looks good, think I'll try that.

The clip idea from Nick seems to have worked a treat. After putting a chicken carcass in there they still couldn't get in. I do need to remember to close my gate though or they'll try and have it away with the whole bin.

Thanks — they’re persistent little so-and-sos, aren’t they?

Went for the lockable bin idea from above, in fact, and so far so good…..

I wedge the food bin between the wheelie bin and the wall so they can't knock it over, which is their method...



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