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Drivers in Haringey who leave their engines running while their cars are at a standstill could be fined to help cut traffic pollution.

Penalties of £20 (£40 if not paid within 28 days) will be issued to drivers in Haringey who refuse to turn off their engines when told to do so by an enforcement officer.

In a welcome move approved at a meeting of Haringey’s cabinet last week, will change driver behaviour and help to reduce pollution.

Under road traffic regulations, whilst drivers are allowed to leave their engines running when it is deemed necessary, such as while queuing at traffic lights and defrosting windscreens, leaving the engine running unnecessarily while a car is at a standstill is an offence

But in some situations – such as leaving an engine running while parked outside a school waiting for children – they are committing an offence.

Under the measures agreed by the council, an enforcement officer will warn drivers who are caught idling and give them a chance to switch off their engines.If the driver refuses, they will be given a £20 fixed penalty notice.

The council has previously had the power to crack down on engine idling but doing so was not considered “the most cost-effective means of reducing air pollution”.

That is because few FPNs were issued in boroughs that chose to enforce anti-idling measures.

Council papers say the anti-idling charge is “unlikely to have significant effect on air quality by itself”.

But idling was the most talked-about problem among people who responded to a consultation on the council’s air quality action plan.

One in ten respondents wanted stricter enforcement measures around schools and other common places for idling.

This is a welcome move, but will it have much effect?

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I am not happy to be woken by an idling engine plus radio in the middle of the night. I recently managed to surprise a driver by suddenly and noisily appearing out of the dark, hair on end, still in my dressing gown and with my face against the windscreen in a screech pose. He drove off like a bat out of hell and I went happily back to bed and sleep.

That made me smile Maggie :) 

Though sadly this move is unlikely to affect those midnight idlers, sitting in their cars to wolf down their McOrder before simply dropping their rubbish outside the window onto the street or pavement, as there won't be any traffic wardens around :(

I’ve decide my motto is Be More Like Maggie

Fright wig at the ready?? 

Don’t need one Gordon - you should see my hair in the morning 

Beware some might be stealing your Internet Connection

Got disturbed the other morning around 2am

Was Not using internet but lights was flashing away

Switched it off and car drove off

On first look outside noticed He was on laptop 

Suggest you check your security?

I emailed Haringey council about putting up a 'no idling' sign near our house as people sit in their cars eating take outs and letting their engine running and the pollution is disgusting. No interest from them whatsoever. Do you know how they are looking to enforce it? Will it be the same guys that distribute parking tickets?

I live above a car park on a council estate. For such a long time people would pull up under my bedroom window and idle for long periods of time in the middle of the night. It's no parking there, but they would anyway, and the fumes would come right into my bedroom. I think one day I managed to get a photo of the licence plate (not easy from above) and sent it to HfH's parking team. I don't know whether it was that but it hasn't happened in a long time now. I actually suspect the young people in question may be on a state-funded holiday.

Another time I was woken every morning for weeks by a Veolia employee arriving for work 45 minutes early (so 5:15am) and idling in the car park. Again it took photographic evidence to convince Veolia of my claim and they did put a stop to it eventually.

I do hope they can enforce in places like where I live on a non-designated road.

This is an utterly brilliant idea. That won't be enforced, or will be enforced to a laughably small extent. Will the council be employing more enforcement officers to enact this fine and stop this behaviour? Almost certainly not. Making something illegal or fineable doesn't stop a problem, enforcing it does. I'd love to see this work, I really would, but I'm very cynical about its chances of success. Will be interesting to see in a year or two year's time how many fines have actually been issued.

Despite the amazing intentions of the council that are doing so so much to improve air quality in Haringey - I (seriously) think this will have a minimal-zero effect. Did similar threats help fly-tipping or dog poo? I am 99% sure the answer is no. 

No one knows because evaluating policies is the future with flying cars - that's up there with designing policies based upon lessons learned elsewhere. 

Until flying cars, keep coughing. Or hope that there are some big changes in Haringey's approach to air quality or a change in council leadership. They're rubbish. Drivers come first. Then wood burning stoves/restaurants. Then everyone else - ending with children.

Interesting article from May this year.  A £20 fine is derisory when you consider the cost of the extra amount of staff time to enforce 




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