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Anyone else had this one? Got an automated call on landline, says it's BT and there has been suspicious activity so they are cutting off phone and internet. I hung up at the point and unplugged socket connection. 

Would be interested to hear back. Of course, if it is not a scam and I'll be cut off I won't be able to read your responses! 


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Sounds very scammy to me Ruth

Thanks Michael. I'm always very suspicious. 

I get one of these at least once a week. I hang up. Nothing every happens to my BT service.

Sometimes I get a real person and I have a bit of fun asking them to detail the problem because I'm a security consultant (I'm so not) and they hang up on me. 

BT have a page here on scams and what to look out for

Thanks Liz. I guessed it was so I hung up. But I like to see if anyone else has had the same one.   The scammers and fraudsters are having a field day right now. All the best to you. 

It’s unsettling even if, deep down, you know it’s a scam.  I’ve lost count of the number of accidents, that were not my fault, my car has been involved in - even though I’ve never owned one!  

Some are really unpleasant though.  I was the attempted victim of an email scam in the summer where the scammer said they would post on social media that I was a user of websites holding videos of child sexual abuse unless I sent them money.  I got the police involved and they said that emails like that were sent out randomly in their thousands every day and that they frightened some people so much, people who were completely innocent of what the scammer said they would reveal, that they had handed over huge amounts of money.  If in any doubt at all, hang up/delete.

Cheers Michael.

I'm ultra careful but it's good to share our experiences here to let others know so they can warn family and friends. And it helps to know we are far from alone in getting these things either on email or via the phone.

Some of these things are really very nasty indeed, like the one you were subjected to. There was a whole range of those going around and some of them asked for bitcoin currency, of all things. I think as well at the moment many of us are feeling anxious and probably exhausted due to 10 months of Covid and restrictions and challenges. These evil people are preying on people more and more. So, it's good to share and get some relief. Much appreciated! 

That happened to a guy I work with Michael. With all these methods of splicing your face onto imagery you would have to do a lot of explaining to your friends/family/colleagues, so he was really upset about this...

So awful, the level of nastiness just gets ramped up and up. Poor bloke, bet he was upset.  

Hard to believe how vile some people are.  Thank you for sharing this Michael

Sounds like a scam. I've received texts pretending to be from various companies, also saying about suspicious activity and telling me to click on a link. I delete them. If anyone else gets these, don't click on the link. It will open your data up to the scammers.

Cheers Barney. I never click on links, but some people are less cautious and suffer so much as  result of being scammed like that. 

i have had it Ruth--i just hang up--definitely a Scam of some sort



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