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I got my leaflet today stating that from October you have to pay £75 a year for garden waste collection. Further bulk collections will cost £25 for 4 items then £10 per item. If the dustman break your wheelie bin or you don't have one you have to pay £30.

I rang Haringey who transferred me to veola. Veola say it's Haringey council who decided they need to save 20 million for social care.

I am disgusted. I have lived in this borough for 53 years and all this is going to do is make people dump rubbish in the streets in a borough that has the worst fly tipping in England.

As far as saving money for social care, already the council tax bill went up to cover this. Haringey council should stop wasting money on other things.

I for one will not pay £75 and I suggest Haringey think again..

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Not on this thread, but composting has been on the older thread (about the photo survey of the streets last Sunday). Also upthread is the idea that a handful of neighbours could coordinate efforts and split the cost of a bin two/three/four ways according to their needs and the space available in their front yard, particularly if they can reduce waste volume by composting the softer materials.

What a brilliant idea (pooling a bin between neighbours). We compost what we can in the limited space we have but there's always the problem of thorny clippings, small branches and so on.
I live in a street where most of the houses are rented out as multi occupancy with youngsters who don't even use the green bin now so anyone likely to share a brown bin is zero
Yep me to. They won't be bothered by any of this at all.

Good thinking, but there isn't room in my garden for a compost bin.

I've been thinking about this but I don't think we can compost more unless we get a shredder. The stuff that goes to Haringey is typically v woody stuff, (bloody triffid) ivy, weeds or things that have set seed.

In compost - cut things up and you'll massively speed up how quickly it turns into useable compost.

Good question. We compost as much as we can (tea bags, pealings etc. We have a 1l ice cream tube every day or two as a result, and only put cooked waste/bread (the stuff the rats love) into the green waste bin. We have at best 2 bags a week in our green waste bin.

We have 1 bag leaves, and twigs every week or two. Usually it is 2 bags at one go, and then weeks where we have very little to put out. This stuff cannot be easily composted in a garden less than 20 feet long sadly. I would if I could, but we just do not have the space for it.

There's no point for me - I have a very small paved garden surrounded by very fast growing hedges. I certainly don't want to encourage them to grow faster.

We moved to this house about 11 years ago - it had a compost bin already full from the previous owners. We still have a nearly full bin - our garden is small and the borders do not require this amount of compost and it takes forever to break down (we stopped putting food waste in due to the rats)

We have a small lawn - even if we do nothing else the grass clippings over the summer take up all of the little space in the compost bin, and like many of us we have rampant ivy and climbers from nearby properties/allotments

Such a backward step and cannot possibly be monitored without lockable bins - more expense!

So far the responsible options seem to be some or all of the following:

- share a bin with neighbours

- buy a shredder (or share with neighbours, or borrow one) (the cheaper ones would pay for themselves in a year, though not sure how good they are)

- compost (if your garden "too small for a compost bin", you may need to get rid of some plants) (if you "produce too much compost", give it away) (if it "takes forever to compost", you're doing it wrong, using a shredder or adding worms might help)

- grow different plants - some need pruning less than others, and some prunings are much easier to compost than others

- grow more vegetables - anything not eaten goes in food waste.

I haven't included driving to the dump, but I suppose it may still be occasionally necessary in some situations (if you don't have a car use a car club or share a trip with a neighbour who does)

Goodness why should we go to such lengths to accommodate the incompetent fools who are supposed to organise community matters like this make such a hash of it? The empty trucks are going to be driving past anyway. Why not just dash out with your garden sack and lob it in?
I'm not one who gets worked up that easily but this has made be f*****g furious. Only at the weekend a group of people walked around the area showing that Haringey can't even cope with the amount of crap we all have to live with at the moment and now they are making it even harder for people to try and keep this place tidy.
I really hope those who are Labour Party members keep in mind who has agreed this idiotic scheme and come candidate selection time in a few weeks make their displeasure amply clear by picking other candidates who actually give a toss about people living in this borough.



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