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The mood's got me so I'm going to have a good pommie whinge.

Firstly, I detest the forest of estate agents' signs, street advertising and satelite dishes that clutters Harringay's Green Lanes. Take it all away and things look far nicer. The pair of photos below, with the aid of some very quick & crude photoshopping, show the difference taking away the clutter might make. Ok, so it's never going to be beautiful. But it could look so much better.

Click the pic for a larger size.

There whinge over. I'll be better tomorrow!

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I noticed this morning that the Council seem to have done a deal with Greene & Co estate agents in Crouch End. They now have an ugly green version of our orange lamp post banners.

Raising finance is one thing. But advertsing in parks, more visual polution on our streets..........what price advetising revenue?

And, see also Liz's more recent counterblast against signage clutter.
14 days! I knew there was a limit but I had no idea that it was such a short time span. I asked LCSP to contact Trading standards at the last meeting. Will check on the progress of this
So there's two distinct but related issues. One is controlling estate agents. The other is convincing the Council to forgo the revenue they get from Sainsbury's in Harringay and Greene & Co. in Crouch end for the huge lamp post banners.
So you're the reason our street isn't as cluttered with signs as some Ben! Quick tutorial for us please . Who do you contact on the council to complain about a sign? Do you approach the estate agent first? What is the number of Trading Standards? Do you complain to TS about a particular company or just signs in general in an area?



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