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My daughter goes to North Harringay Primary School on Falkland Road, and for a school project on the Victorians, we looked at all the people who were living on Falkland Road in 1901. In case anyone else might be interested, I'm attaching some of the files we created. It includes a full list of all the residents at the time (their names, ages, occupations, place of birth).

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Interesting to see how many residents were "incomers" ie not themselves born in London.

Thanks for this Helen (and daughter )
Hope You'll forgive me Helen, I'm replacing the larger of your originals with PDF versions to save on disk storage space
And the rest:
Thanks, Hugh. Wasn't sure how to do it myself!
Interesting stuff there. I have recently been researching my mothers family tree and been given some free wonderful reference sites from local authorities. These don't come up when you google them.

Via here you can get loads of free census information as well as access to births, deaths and marriages information. Very addictive.

I've got a few credits left for accessing the 1911 census if anyone's interested. Birdy, you can have first dibs!

Helen, I think our children maybe in the same year group!

What an insight that was Helen and Hugh.    And as John D comments, what a mixed bunch they were coming from all over.    Never know what one is going to find next on HoL site.  Great stuff.

Hi - I only have one attachment? 

Hi - forget that - I have found Hugh's amendment. 

I'd quite forgotten about this.

Prompted last year by questions about why Hampden Road houses are different to other Ladder houses, I did a similar but even deeper dive into Hampden Road. I analysed occupants at the turn of the century by age and occupation. I also looked at the developers of the houses and picked up other stories of occupants along the way. One day, I might even get round to writing it up! It would be interesting to compare with the data Helen gathered. 

John - thanks, it was a fun thing to do. 

Hugh - That sounds interesting, I hope you'll write it up some time. 

Superb. Thank you so much



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