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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Many thanks to Bob for sending us this set of memories of growing up in Harringay. (Attached below as pdf)

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Fascinating stuff - can you pass on my thanks to Bob for a great read.  I especially liked his drawing of the old St Paul’s vicarage dated just a few weeks after I was born.

Many thanks to Bob.  Though four years younger, I share all those memories - the bomb site playgrounds, the Colly with Flash Gordon and Emperor Ming.  It was great to read his story. 

What an interesting bio!

Re Green Lanes having been strafed by a German fighter plane, I’ve heard various snippets in earlier years of such action, including Mum recalling that Dad “was chased around the park by a Messerschmitt” (He was a WW1soldier, so WW2 service was Home Guard and ARP).

Hornsey Historical Society Bulletin 33, 1992, has the story of the German raider cruising around the area and machine-gunning randomly, in November 1940. It was a Heinkel 111, a medium bomber, and dropped three bombs on Hornsey station area. It then dropped a further three bombs at the junction of Mountview Road and Granville Road. At other times it was firing its guns. In all it spent fifteen minutes cruising around our area, being continuously engaged by AA guns in Finsbury Park.

Many thanks to Bob. I enjoyed every word of his memories. Interesting, amusing and evocative of times long gone. 

Great read - would you mind if I shared?

I recognise your name and I suspect you knew my older brother Phil Rowsell. He was involved with Stanhope United football club as was our father. Phil is bottom left in this rather aged photo.

Great recollections Bob, good pics and a rather professional looking drawing of your first residence.  I was born and grew up in Harringay Road (behind the Colly), attended same infants/junior schools and can share most of your memories though am 13 years your junior.  Enjoyable read.

Bob has asked me to add the following two photos.

Those poses are so familiar.  All Harringay kids looked like that once - those boys' long socks and scuffed knees, and the bows in the girls' hair.  Thanks for sending, Bob, and thanks to Hugh for posting.  Also, remarkable is that they were taken right in the middle of WW2.  Harringay was being badly hit and photographs were a luxury not everyone could afford.  These are real treasures!

Oh what fabulous pics Bob........you must treasure them.  I recognise the locations. I so wish I had photos like that.  Wonderful !  And thanks.



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