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This from member Les:

We manufactured Handbags from approx 1960 - 1975 in our small workshops that were situated in part of the back garden of the corner house by the alley in Beresford Rd.

I will never forget the time when I parked my Ford Zodiac in the road in Beresford Rd by the alley and ran down the alley to pick up part of a delivery that I had forgot and trusted the dodgy handbrake would be ok, only to find on my return that the car was rolling down the road and mounted the pavement.

I chased after it but it was going to fast and it didn't stop till it knocked down a lamp post and the car finished on top of the lamp post. Shortly after, a police officer arrived on a white Triumph motor cycle and boy was I in trouble.

I'll never forget, it cost me £67 to replace the lamp post which was a lot of money in the sixties. Needless to say how many times I thanked God that no one came out of their door just as this car was hurtling down the pavement!

Thanks for that glimpse into some of Harringay past, Les.

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I have (on short loan) the school log book for NH Junior school if anyone's interested in a short synopsis (it covers early 1960s to mid 70s)

Interesting times... (am still ploughing through it atm)

I would have loved to seen  that log book. Opportunity missed sigh. Andy

I lived at 57 Beresford road and remember there being a small workshop/factory unit just down the alley to Effingham Rd. As a small child I could just see the building over the wall and often wondered what was in there. Regards Andy.

I had a Christopher Simmonds in my class at Woodlands 1961-1965. Any relation of yours?

Sorry Stephen not that I'm aware. Our family originated from Hoxton and Mum & Dad moved to Harringay when they married. I went to N. Harringay Infants & Juniors from 1960 and then to St. Davids C of E in Priory Rd.in1967. There may be some connection but our family background is a bit fractured as my Grandfather was killed in WW1 when my Dad was less than a year old and it's all got a bit fuzzy after that. Simmonds spelt with the "D" is less common in my experience though so who knows? Nice to hear from you. Regards Andy

Oh well. Just a thought. He definitely was a Simmonds with a D.

Hello Hugh ,Sorry long time since i,v been on here ,Yes it was indeed in the back garden of no 73 .,and i,v just had a look about Backlands ,Interesting ,bet it took a lot of delving into records .Thank You .

That almost happened to me - the handbrake thing - on Seymour Road doing a push start.  Thank goodness I managed to get back in the car in time.  I still have nightmares about it.

Bit more on dodgy handbrakes reminds me when a car load of us around mid 60's were returning from Epping Forest, I think, after a Bank Holiday day out.  We were in an old Vauxhall Cresta owned by mate, Ginger.   Being Bank Holiday the traffic was tailgating, stopping and starting.  Ginger decided to pull out just over white line to assess an overtake.  Unfortunately someone coming in opposite direction had overtaken his line of traffic at some speed and it looked like curtains to me but amazingly old Ginger was alert enough to nip back in.............a little !  We scraped full length down the sides.  Neither car stopped and we made up as much distance away as soon as poss.   Never forget it...The Supremes singing The Happening was playing full belt on radio.  So we were discussing what we should do after travelling few more miles down road.  Ginger thought it best to report near miss accident in case someone got his plate.   Pulled up outside a cop shop on opposite side of road and all piled out to do our duty..........in hindsight a bit silly !    We came out of cop shop, no car there !  Thought it must've been nicked but no it had rolled about 30yards down hill before coming to rest.  We all shot off to take our seats.  Fortunately no policeman had witnessed it.   But bit of a giggle.

Great story, John.  And so well told I felt as if I was there.  Mid-sixties and the Supremes.  It was such a memorable time.  Epping Forest was a day out and some of us had the luck of the devil.  Happy days, though.  No regrets.  

Yes very happy days Geraldine.  My regret is that that life didn't stay around long enough.     Still a "SLITS" in many aspects.



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