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(If none please can you give your general area as it seems N15 is way better than N8 / N4)

For me 2 posted at the end of Nov.

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I'm now only waiting for  two items, both of which were due on 6 January. However, it looks as though they are now catching up with the backlog.

I'm in Hornsey Vale, N8, by the way.

I received a phone call and text confirmation to advise me of my vaccination appointment which duly took place last Sunday 10th December. 

The problem is the next round of vaccinations John

And then there's the problem of people in government telling lies.

Also many other appointments and notifications come by post; however many congratulations on getting your vaccine! (smiley face).

I have posted two self addressed letters at the Post Office in Crouch End at 3pm in time for the 4:30 collection today, one with a first class stamp the other with a second class stamp and will let you know when they arrive back home in Harringay. Hopefully now that the back-log has been cleared it won't be too long. ( PS I hope some wag doesn't tell me that the addresses are not clear!)

Happy to say that the letter I posted in Crouch End yesterday has now arrived in Harringay, it seems they may now have got through the backlog, at least for locally posted letters.

Received several packages this afternoon, including a friend's Christmas card. I now have everything that I've ordered from eBay before Christmas. So hopefully some more recent orders may arrive soon.

According to my local postal delivery worker (N4) a problem is the non-replacement of staff who have retired or left for other reasons. Local management blame head office for not being allowed to replace them. Tracked parcels and special deliveries are being prioritised. Second class post just piles up - I have been waiting weeks for some post to be delivered.

From 14 undelivered, I'm now down to just two that I'm waiting for. Of course, those two are THE absolutete rarest of all the seven inch vinyl records that were due to arrive during the past four weeks.

Coming thick and fast now, just three packages outstanding. The one that came this afternoon had already been replaced so this’ll necessitate a trip to the post office...sigh.




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