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(If none please can you give your general area as it seems N15 is way better than N8 / N4)

For me 2 posted at the end of Nov.

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The area covered by the Tufnell Park office is just too wide. The Hornsey sorting office should never have been closed. Please sign Catherine West’s petition to get one opened in N8 again

Signed - thanks for posting this Paul

Do you have the link Jacqueline?

She started this petition in June last year, so I'm wondering if it's still current. I signed anyway.

Did Hornsey close at the same time as the one on Harringay Arena Retail Park? I'm N4, and was never directed to Hornsey, always Archway once the Harringay one shut.

I'm missing one parcel posted on 14th Dec, which never arrived.  N4

Five, plus 1 replaced by the sender using a courier instead this time. N8

Two parcels sent to me from Dundee on 2 December have still not arrived in N4.


In a new twist, I saw two fellas taking a container out of the back of a PO van late yesterday afternoon and start delivering parcels along my road (Warham). A couple of hours later I got a knock on my door.  It was one of my neighbours who had found container with various parcels, left on her front step, and was delivering them to the houses they were addressed to.  Despair is too gentle a word.

PS. I got one posted on 30th December so it seems the theory that they are “dealing” with newer parcels and ignoring older ones may well be right



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