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(If none please can you give your general area as it seems N15 is way better than N8 / N4)

For me 2 posted at the end of Nov.

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Postie has been knocking around St Ann's Road but the one delivery I'm guaranteed to have - my payslip is still inexplicably sent out by post to arrive last working day of month - hasn't shown up and is now a week late...

Just spoke to our postman - he said it's all piled up at Mount Pleasant and could take "months , if ever" to get delivered.

The issue being that the daily post takes up all their time so there is no time to tackle the heap.

He said the cause is a combination of (a bit of) staff shortages , health and safety 2m rules that slow progress and inflexible management. 

I passed on our support and thanks to the boots on the ground.

Thanks Adam, for the update and the passed on thanks.

Cheers Adam

N4 on Green Lanes - missing 8 parcels currently, including my birthday present from my Godmother :(

A few companies I purchase from have switched from RM to alternative couriers; when this fiasco subsides who's to say that they'll switch back?  RM could potentially be losing huge numbers of business accounts - for their own sake, they really need to find a way to get on top of the problem...

Just this afternoon received three Christmas cards (with early Dec postmarks), so the backlog Adam's postie referred to is definitely being chipped away at.

3 missing ladder N8. 

N17. None. Ordered around 20 items, all delivered on or before estimated delivery date. 

Green Lanes N8. Today I received a parcel which I ordered on the 28th November. Typically, this was actually to replace something which, in the meantime, I found in a messenger bag which hadn't been opened since I stopped going to the office in March...

6 parcels/ packets. N8 8qg. Have stopped ordering now as can’t be sure things will come

I am missing a parcel from 10 December, but it has been signed for.

Apparently it was scanned a quarter of a mile away from my house, but when I raised a query I was informed that the post person could specifically recall delivering it to my address - incredible!

I had 5 missing since before Christmas but 3 arrived this week and therefore now 2 outstanding. i am in n4.



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