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This picture today on 'postal workers Facebook page' might hold a clue - entitled 'Complete Mayhem'.

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Under normal circumstances I still choose Royal mail (even though my sorting centre was moved to be a 3 hour round trip). For an additional fee I then get the parcel brought back from the sorting centre to my local post office and collect from there.

However, I have needed a couple of items essential for working form home and my first check has been to be that it wasn't via Royal Mail. While DPD/UPS and even the normally useless Hermes etc are making deliveries within a week, items through Royal Mail can be 2, 3, 4 weeks or more with no tracking and no idea when/if they may arrive. The posties on the streets can can only deliver a finite amount and only what ever has been sorted and handed to them. So while the argument against non-domiciled mega companies is strong, it's difficult for smaller independent stores, who may use Royal Mail, when they can not reliably send out goods. I'll still continue to use Royal mail if/when the circumstances change. But for now I feel a bit sad that for reasons (beyond the obvious challenging circumstances) I am not in a position to comment on, they weren't able to be the reliable service needed by many at this time.

Quite...I understand that completely. I too, do have to use them when TINA.

Why use abstruse abbreviations ? What does TINA mean ?


I think it's fair comment Hugh. The same poster occasionally uses the abbreviation " BG " which I had been assuming  was referring to Bounds Green. Having looked at his past posts I now gather he means Bruce Grove. I had discounted Bulgaria  

John D I think you forget your (and my) lived history. One of the 1979-1990 Prime Minister's regular and far from abstruse pronouncements was

There   Is    No   Alternative.

The phrase (and therefore the acronym) has even spawned a page [link] on Wikipedia.

We'll be on to "There is no such thing as society" and its contemporary reversal by the current PM next! 

Some of us don't have the option to 'click and collect' either through lack of transport or health reasons. I'm annoyed that something that I ordered I made sure that the delivery option was 'other courier'. When I got the receipt though it was being sent Royal Mail 2nd class.I wonder when that'll arrive?

I got an email from Royal Mail on Thursday telling me to expect a parcel today. I was able to track it, first to Hounslow sorting office and then to the Central London one yesterday. Today it was being sent to my local office.

Well, I won't be seeing that then for a while.



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