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Are the works current happening near Jewsons at the moment, the implementation of the results of the traffic study?

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What to me seems dangerous and ill-thought out is the footway build outs at junctions with the Ladder roads where the pavement on the corner is now twice as wide as before. For example, anyone coming up Raleigh and turning left has to move into half of the North-going carriageway to get round. Going to be some expensive coachwork repairs.

Making junctions difficult for drivers does really slow things down. One of the problems with the UK approach of 'right of way' at most junctions is that the drivers who have the right of way go fast at junctions. If you cycle somewhere like Brussels, where most junctions have no right of way, everything is much slower as cars must approach junctions very slowly.

If you cycle somewhere like Brussels, where most junctions have no right of way, everything is much slower as cars must approach junctions very slowly.

But don't you see, Michaelw, that is exactly why 17.4 million mature car drivers voted for BREXIT. Who wants to have their life and lifestyle dictated by jutting junctions, bent bananas, crooked cucumbers or splitting sprouts?

That's not the Brussels I know :O.

I was actually a bit surprised myself (having lived there for 3 years back in the early 2000's) - they have improved cycle infrastructure a lot, but also using an app linked to opencyclemap I discovered that backstreet cycling was remarkably straightforward because the cars were moving slowly and cautiously.

NB: The main roads are still pretty bad, though some have good cycle routes (e.g. Rue de la Loi) - large parts of the centre are now closed to cars too. I also wouldn't trust late at night, as some drivers can be quite lubricated....

I’ve got no issues with the slowing of the traffic, but I am worried about the removal of a huge amount of parking spaces. I already struggle to park anywhere near my house on the ladder half of the time (and regularly st weekends) - I feel like this is going to make the situation worse.

 I agree Katie. That’s why a group of us organised two parking space surveys covering every road on the Ladder. The surveys showed what I strongly suspected that is that the Council’s own survey was very in accurate. It significantly overestimated spare parking capacity.

We presented the results to the council but they chose to ignore them and felt that they knew better. The survey showed that  Hewitt and Seymour roads were the most congested as far as parking is concerned. 

Morning Katie.  This is the survey Hugh mentions.


Thanks Michael. I was too lazy to link to it last night. 

You’re forgiven

Thank you, yes I remember reading about the surveys when they were carried out. What I hadn’t appreciated was that the council were entirely ignoring them and going ahead with their plan anyway! Perhaps there will be a case for arguing that the ladder roads become residents only at all times in future - certainly evenings and Sundays are the worst at the moment, and while I appreciate the potential effect on local businesses of removing free parking after 6, I do feel that residents being able to park at least on their own road should be a priority. Let’s wait and see what it’s like once the works have finished, I suppose...

If you take your road as an example (my road), it’s as parked up at 0200 as it is at 1030. So I dont think it’s customers of the Green Lanes buinessses. The top also seems to get more quickly filled up than the middle and even the bottom of the road.  

Things in Hewitt changed quite suddenly a couple years and I’m not quite sure why.  My guess is that it’s to do with a number of houses on Hewitt itself as well as those on nearby Wightman that are used, in one form or another, as HMOs.

It may be that the pressures and causes differ on other roads.



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