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This may not be news to you but not only are Ladder roads affected and Turnpike Lane but the whole of Hornsey Park road is blocked from the junction to Mayes road and beyond. So i turned around and went through Ally Pally to get to Hornsey and the whole of High Street and Priory Road to bottom of Muswell Hill is at a standstill. God knows what rush hour will be like each day and once kids back at school.

That's my rant for the day over.

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Agreed - got no problem with that at all Osbawn. I'm not the telling her she can't choose to send her kids where she likes, just that when circumstances change it might be time for a rethink. My point is mainly to do with journeys, children and parents and the stresses involved. If you have to take hours doing it, *sweating it out* as she says- I suggest something's got to give- the location, the mode of transport whatever. Sure the nursery could be better- but I think what she actually said was there were no places when she needed them (which is entirely understandable and I can 100% relate to that) - and then also the bit i don't get is how that journey to Muswell hill is 'somewhere that would also enable our onward commute' to central london. It's just a conversation, not an accusation.. 

I then drive (and pay for) parking at East Finchley tube (£5 all day). Then tube it into central London. Before the wightman road closure I could get to the nursery within 20 mins, ten mins tube parking etc and then into town. People seem outraged at this choice but there were no options at the point we needed close to home and the nursery we attend is still in our borough!

You don't have to justify your choices to anyone Nicole! I wish everyone would stick to the issue at hand rather than picking on you. I don't like how you're being made the poster girl for everything that's wrong with the traffic in this area!

Leave her alone now people, you've made your point.

Unfortunately for me I live on the south part of the Ladder.
I need my car for work.
The bridge needs repairing.
I am sure things will settle down.
I am prepared to add an extra hour to get to and from work.

HOWEVER, I can't see any good reason in not allowing residents of the ladder to have access to their homes via Wightman. Everyone who lives on the Ladder has to have a parking permit. Obviously at a cost, there could be a barrier system one way going down Wightman and using Green Lanes the other way.
This will relieve the extra traffic on the area.

If you think we have congestion now, just wait until the festival traffic comes to F Park in June for 3 weeks
I agree why is the entire of wightman road closed ? The Turnpike Lane end / these ladder roads could surely be open ? It's taken me 45 mins to get home from Crouch end at 6.30 at night . This is normally a ten min journey .
As for precious public transport - buses I used to catch the 41 bus to work as I didn't want to use my car for such a short journey however after trying four different bus stops to try and get on the bus which was full of teenagers trying to get to school , I had to resort to using my car , as at least two buses per morning refused to open the doors to let me on . I was walking further and further back away from my house in order to try and get on the bus , and leaving earlier and earlier I had enough and started driving.
I witnessed many an argument between grown men and bus drivers trying to get on the bus including one man who ran from one bus stop to the next because he was so angry the driver wouldn't let him and his young son on , even though there was clearly space .
So it is no wonder people with young children drive . When bus routes are serving two or more large secondary schools getting on the bus at rush hour is impossible . If there were more buses at rush hour then maybe not so many people would need to drive .
If you think it's bad now wait until the kids go back to school .
I'm also watching this thread with interest. I used to drive down Wightman road every day to work. I've only just heard about this whole rigmarole. Is it really due to take 6 months to fix the bridge?
It's is Natasha. It's a bit more than fixing though. The whole thing has to come down. All the services that run underneath it rerouted and then a new bridge built while trains carry on running underneath (Gospel Oak to Barking line) and to one side (Kings Cross to Scotland)
Thank you Michael. I initially read this thread and it wasn't very clear. I better get on Google maps to route a big diversion!

Just think - one day we will all laugh about this

Yes but not for six months !

And then we will be into the turmoil caused by closure of the GOBLIN line and thousands of people trying to push onto overcrowded public transport to get to work, school, nurseries etc!

I know it's all for the greater good in the long run (very long run) but by the time all the works are done in a few years time, everything will be just as crowded as ever due to population increase. Aaggh! I pity you younger generations, such on overcrowded world you are inheriting. 

This thread has had 182 contributions by about 50 different people in the 48 hours since Lesley Ramm started it.  Pretty impressive I call it and interesting too.  A lot of constructive remarks and mostly well judged.

Thanks to Hugh for keeping it all together.



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