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At last month's public meeting about the forthcoming closure of Wightman Road Bridge, we were promised copies of the slides used and answers to the questions raised.

I am now able to provide these as attachments.

The date for next meeting has also been fixed:

Dear Stakeholder, 

Thank you to those who attended the presentations of the forthcoming bridge works last December. Please as agreed, find enclosed herewith some questions and comments that were raised at the meeting. We have tried to answer all of them.

Unfortunately we have received limited feedback on traffic management options, however it does appear that a variant of option three presented at the public meeting on 16 December will be the preferred arrangement. We are currently arranging engagement with local business to determine any requirements they might have. Once we have received and considered these we will develop a more comprehensive traffic management proposal and share this with all concerned. 

Network Rail have confirmed that they have a provisional booking with St Paul’s church for Wednesday the 17th of February between 6:15pm – 9:00pm for the first project drop-in session.

We look forward to seeing you at the public meeting on the 17th February 2016.

Kind regards,

Mahmood Ramjan

Highways Manager 

Haringey Council

Alexandra House,

Level 5

10 Station Road,

London N22 7TR

T. 020 8489 3919



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I'm still not sold that this bridge needs replacing and I don't see why the electrification has to be available to the trains under the bridge, they're longer than the bridge.

I wonder how many assaults and deliberate ramming of other vehicles and cyclists will be attributable to this upheaval?

Can't see why cyclist can't still use Wightman. Might actually be a more pleasant journey than now.

The bridge dates from at least 1868 so might be in need of renewal? Also, you won't find a bridge in the UK (& as far as I know anywhere else) where the 25kv AC overhead line equipment stops on either side of an overbridge. Electric Multiple Units have one pantograph per unit and need quite a force to hold them up against the contact wire to draw current. In any incident where an overhead electric unit or loco has 'run out of wire', the 'pan' flies up and usually 'breaks its back'. Sometimes the whole pantograph unit can fly off the roof mounted insulators and end up on the trackside bringing any nearby overhead wires down with it. Several GN units lost their 'pans' on the entrance to the tunnel to Moorgate at Drayton Park in the early years of the "GN Electrics" because drivers forgot to lower the pantograph and switch to 3rd rail DC. Eventually BR ran an electrically dead section of contact wire into the tunnel mouth to keep 'pan' down and give the driver time to realise he wasn't receiving power, come to a stand and perform the power changeover.

On the traffic survey front, the attached powerpoint says 'consultations with community groups' commencing week of the 18th January. Has this actually happened or are things running behind schedule, as I had expressed my interest as a stakeholder wishing to be consulted and have heard nothing?

We got a letter from Network Rail today by the way.. don't have a scanner else I'd upload it

Here's the letter:

That's the one...Thanks Gordon

If option 3 is adopted, it looks like the Pemberton Road Play Streets will be have to be knocked on the head for a while, because Pemberton Road would be the only route east from that blocked of section of Wightman Road. The only other alternative would be to reverse Seymour Road for the duration of the Play Street, and I can't see that happening.

Hopefully we can muddle along Mark, but good point. Hopefully the only traffic down will be folks accessing either of the three streets and good to Yasha.

Yes, I suppose it the uplift in traffic could still be manageable.

We may have to just do a bit more jogging up and down...

The Gospel Oak - Barking electrification project is linked to this work, in part. Network Rail have now put out a press release and video about the electrification project: link here.


In order to electrify the railway, overhead wires and structures to support them need to be installed as well as the construction of three new switching stations. To make room for this new infrastructure, four sections of the track will be lowered, four bridges will be rebuilt and a further six modernised. TfL will also be investing in lengthening the platforms and enhancing stations to accommodate the longer trains. 

From June to September 2016, there will be no service between South Tottenham and Barking on weekdays and no service between Gospel Oak and Barking on weekends. From October 2016 until early February 2017 there will be no service on the entire line between Gospel Oak and Barking. Further works to have the line ready for electric trains will take place during evenings and weekends only and will be completed by the end of June 2017. TfL will be providing rail replacement buses which will operate along the route. 

Following the closure, Network Rail will carry out four months of commissioning works before the line is fully electrified. During this time the existing diesel trains will run and will be replaced with new four carriage trains from January 2018.

Railway neighbours who would like more information on how the work will impact their home can call Network Rail’s helpline on 0345 7 11 41 41or visit www.networkrail.co.uk/contactus

More information on work carried out by Network Rail on this route can also be found atwww.networkrail.co.uk/gobe

Follow Network Rail’s progress on Twitter @NetworkRailGOBE



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