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I (and I assume many others) received the attached notice by email last week about a public meeting regarding the closure of the Wightman Road bridge.

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This will work if they close both ends of Wightman and suspend parking in rushhour on Green Lanes. Well, I mean they enforce the current suspension of parking in rush hour on Green Lanes.

Thanks Hugh.  I have not recievd the notice by e-mail even though Haringey Council have my e-mail address.

Dick, I have just sent it to you, let me know if you do not receive it.


Try as I might I can't find any information on what the actual road closures and diversions are going to be. My heart sunk when I read about this.

MEETING re plans - Wed 16 Dec 1830 - 2030 St Paul's Church Hall.

Would have liked some information BEFORE attending the mating. A briefing note at leat.

This is the best I think any of us have come up with to date.

I agree though, it has all been done somewhat in a vacuum. I do not remember any discussion with anyone about these plans last year when they were being formulated.

I have serious questions about why the bridge needs to be strengthened from the requisite 24t which is what Network Rail actually want, and what they are paying for, and why it is being strengthened to 40t at a cost of several millions (albeit a cost to TFL). The council are not on the hook for the direct costs, but they are on the hook for any cost overruns!

I also want to know what a Primary Route is, and why Wightman (a B road) is being viewed as  Primary Route! Is this part of the back door bye-pass(ification) of Wightman? I would imagine the folks on Wightman will want to look closely at this.

I am assuming that the whole of the road will have to be closed for up to 6 months, but either way, even if they leave one lane open (if that is even possible), it will be carnage for 6 months for everyone across the Ladder!

Thanks for that. That is at least a little more insight. As John says I think they should suspend parking altogether on Green Lanes and then it might be bearable.

It is in everyone on the Ladder's interests to look after the interests of those on Wightman Rd. All our non-local traffic either comes from or goes to at least one end of Wightman Road. Reduce the volume (and tonnage!) of traffic using Wightman Rd and you reduce it for the whole ladder in a much fairer way than trying to redistribute over east-west routes.

It's interesting that Google maps shows Green Lanes as the same size as Wightman Rd which is surely a subtle indication to drivers. However the strengthening of this bridge is to facilitate construction traffic access to the Haringey Heartlands development between Mary Neuner Rd and Hornsey Park Rd. The next step would be to make Wightman one-way north bound.

With regards to the matter of Wightman Road being brought into the Primary Route Network by Haringey, the attached guidance from the DoT may be useful pre-meeting background reading. (Actually attached now!)

Did anyone manage to make it to this meeting? My son was a bit poorly so I missed it....

Yes, see here.



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