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Coming down Wightman this afternoon a woman behind me a woman was honking and when she eventually passed she had her window wound down and shouted something about staying closer to the kerb.

The reason I ride in the middle of the lane is when it's not safe to pass. I'm in front of you and higher up, so can see further ahead. I can see oncoming cars and cyclists, so I know if you pass me you'd be putting your and their lives in danger as well as mine.

If it looks safe to pass I usually pull in a bit - many drivers don't seem to know how wide their vehicle is and pass too closely. Most of the time it isn't safe though, the chicanes and hills mean that visibility is usually not good. The chicanes are there to slow cars down, it may well have done that overall but cars still speed up when overtaking cyclists, just like they used to do around the pedestrian refuge islands.

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Absolutely, I'm sorry you had to experience this HB, stay safe, stay in the middle of the road.  That applies anywhere, if you ever get overtaken by an arctic in bad weather conditions - in central London - that is truly a hair raising experience.  Anyway, we appreciate your honesty.  Cheers Glen

I agree absolutely - the recent changes to Wightman Road have made it incredibly dangerous for cyclists. I always cycle in the middle of the lane. If I’m honest though, I’ve actually started driving a lot more since the council changed the layout. I often feel bad when it’s just a short drive to Sainsbury’s or Homebase - but I’m just not prepared to risk my safety. The council (perhaps unsurprisingly) really made a mess of things if you ask me. 

Please don't make short car trips to the shops via wightman. For the good of the entirety of harringay! Thanks, T 

To be honest, cycling down Green Lanes is fine if you're not in a rush. It's not necessarily pleasant but it's so slow moving that there isn't the concern of aggressive overtakes like you get on Wightman.

Wightman Road is a nightmare to drive now the projections for trees have been built. Boxing Day we sustained a burst tyre as we could not see the projection and waited several hours in the cold for rescue. I am  in favour off trees and greenery wherever possible but not to make driving and cycling more hazardous.

As a resident of wightman I would infinitely rather have trees and bikes than your car. Feel free to avoid it  :-) 

Lol! Exactly! 

Living on Effingham, I have to drive along Wightman if I go anywhere. And I’m very happy when the cyclist in front of me takes the middle of the lane. It is hardly ever safe to overtake and if drivers behind can see it’s actually impossible they don’t hoot at me or tailgate, and I can relax. So stay safe, everyone!

I think this is actually a very good point. Taking a primary position removes any ambiguity or temptation for the driver behind you...



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