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I know there was a post about this a month ago but I am still having issues. I have two packages that are a month overdue (not exaggerating) and no way of getting an update since the tracking on Royal Mail says it can’t give an update until a delivery attempt is made. What is going on? Is it just me? Are the local facilities still slammed with covid?

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You are not alone. My mum sent a small parcel several weeks ago and it has not turned up yet.

I have been using this link to reclaim compensation for things recently (as the recipient), and making a small fortune in packs of first class stamps they are sending me. The only way I think we will get things working is if there is a lot of complaints and financial pain, however small on an item by item basis. Hopefully someone will ask why a particular region has such a massive number of complaints and actually do something about it. 

Here is the the link to the consultation/feedback forum mentioned in a previous post around this.

Thanks for sharing the claim link. I'm trying to submit a claim, but it's asking me to provide proof of postage. All I have is a dispatch note.
Did you manage to circumvent this portion of the form?

Justin and Bee, 'someone' has asked why a particular region has such a massive number of complaints and actually do something about it.  That 'someone' is Catherine West MP.

Here's a link to her several questionings of Royal Mail and the relevant Government minister, most recently on Tue 11 Jan: https://www.catherinewest.org.uk/latest-news/2022/01/11/royal-mail-...


I met a new Senior Manager [at the N19 Royal Mail sorting office] who Royal Mail have brought in to help deal with the large backlog locally. They told me they’re still dealing with extremely high sickness absence rates, but they’ve brought in more temporary staff to help with sorting post and extended the temporary staff recruited for the Christmas period. They also told me they’re investing in new machinery to make it easier and quicker to sort parcels.

I, once again, emphasised the terrible impact these delays have caused residents. From elderly, isolating residents left feeling completely cut off over Christmas to people missing vital hospital appointments because the letters never arrived. I discussed the need to prioritise NHS letters, and was told this was happening where they were identifiable. I repeated my demands for management action to be taken to ensure all areas receive some postal service, rather than the current postcode lottery where some streets receive regular deliveries and other neighbouring streets receive nothing for many weeks. I also sought and received assurances that no mail would be disposed of.

I’m pleased to have visited and to have started to receive emails from residents suggesting the backlog of long-awaited post is beginning to arrive. However, I can’t say I left today with confidence that all the problems residents and small businesses have had are resolved, or that sufficient action has yet been taken to prevent a reoccurrence.

Royal Mail know there is a problem, made worse by their short-sighted decision to close Hornsey Sorting Office. With their huge profits we should be able to expect more posties to cover for sickness absence.

And today's article in the Daily Mail carries quotations from OFCOM which is the Royal Mail's regulator. In 2020 they fined Royal Mail £1.5 million for not meeting delivery targets in 2019.


There have been extra deliveries around where I am during this week and I now waiting for one item due on the 7th and one that was due by today. All the stuff from late December and the first week of January is now with me. So I hope they'll get to you soon.

We're still receiving Christmas cards!  I've been waiting for kidney medication for my cat which I ordered online and know was despatched on the 10th of January, but have not received and I almost missed a hospital operation as the confirmation letter wasn't delivered to me until after the event had taken place, and if it hadn't been for someone from the hospital calling to check, I wouldn't have known anything about it.

I've had to order alternative medicine for my cat which has worked out really expensive.

I called Royal Mail to make a complaint which, after explaining my story was "escalated" ensuring that it's given the highest level of consideration.

I asked the person who called me whether it could be possible to 

1. make a note of the affected areas on the Royal Mail website - so that it would be quite easy & straight forward to know whether your area was affected by staff shortages

2. if you lived in an area where the sorting & deliveries were affected - could it not be known in those areas that you could go to the relevant sorting / delivery office & go and collect your urgent parcels / letters etc. yourself

3. could a contact no. for affected sorting offices not be made available so that you could call in advance before making the journey to your local sorting office

Currently, RM's policy is that you cannot collect your own mail unless you get an "attempted delivery" card through your letterbox - which is pathetic given that there is such a backlog and you have to go through the process of missing the delivery in order to book another delivery!

I suggested that perhaps Royal Mail could put regular updates (weekly) on twitter or facebook as generally these forums where these conversations are taking place.

I explained that in my opinion that Royal Mail is an emergency service in some respects & that I didn't feel the organisation was forward thinking or proactive when it came to planning for what effectively is a situation that we've been living with for 2 years and are going to be dealing with for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, the Royal Mail representative did not think that any of my suggestions had any merit or possible for RM to incorporate into their existing working mechanisms, and were really only interested in trying to stress that they were recruiting new people into the organisation constantly - even though we've been experiencing problems in getting our mail since before Christmas.

Apparently, highlighting effected areas and offering basic solutions like allowing people to go and collect their own mail - is not something RM endorses is unlikely to consider in the future. 

After my conversation, I felt deflated, and annoyed & will now take any means possible to avoid Royal Mail as a result.

I suggest for anyone needing to send parcels to do this via DPD which is cheaper and much more efficient that Royal Mail.

You can in fact collect your own mail (not parcels) from the sorting office and I have done it. All that's needed is to take proof of address. Where I live (Crouch End) the situation continues to be bad and delivery unreliable. Packages we know are on the way (such as an internet router, ordered three weeks ago) have not arrived; Christmas cards are still coming. But we did get a delivery last Sunday! 

Yes I went to collect my mail as well. However, that is very much at the discretion of the person at the desk when you arrive & my point was surely RM could it easier for people to check before they make the journey.  My sorting office for N8 is the one on Archway / Tuffnell Park borders - it's 6 mile round trip and you cannot check whether there is any mail to collect beforehand UNLESS you've received an attempted del. card.

It's a very antiquated system, and RM are not doing anything to bring it inline with the 21st Century.

This was lead story on BBC London news at 6:30 last night.  There are a number of London postcodes where this is happening and the Hornsey office was one of them.  

Interesting that in an interview with a south Londoner the closure of the local sorting office was cited as a part of the problem, the same situation we are in here.  Makes me think that while staff sickness is of course an issue everywhere the short sighted decision to close sorting offices has exacerbated the problems.  For instance my friend Andy who lives just over the Lanes near Turnpike Lane tube, and whose mail comes from a different sorting office, hasn’t had a single problem at all right through the pandemic.

Also rather tellingly Royal Mail refused to put forward anyone to be interviewed by BBC London

PS - Royal Mail gave £400m to shareholders in the 2020/21 financial year

The service from RM has definitely deteriorated since they had to cater to the needs of shareholders.

Does anyone know if outgoing parcels are affected. I’m wondering if I post one will it also be held up in this way.

We had FIVE separate deliveries yesterday. They've almost caught up with the backlog as far as our expected post is concerned. Although something sent Tracked24 didn't arrive yesterday.



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