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As you probably know. Warham has been one of the roads closed for resurfacing this week.

The quiet and carlessness has been a treat, made all the better as far as my three year is concerned by the diggers and lorries that make periodic trips up and down the road. .

Yesterday, my neighbour who has lived on Warham for 20 years came to the garden gate for a chat. He mentioned how since they put the speed bump outside his house, he has noticed the plaster cracking in his house and the increased noise of cars/lorries going over the bump. He fervently wished they would not put the bump back.

So what if they didn't put the bumps back. Would we miss them?
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There's a law against speeding and the Ladder streets are 20mph.

There isn't a law against 7 tonne trucks going over road humps at 15-20mph and shaking the foundations of nearby houses.
I definitely wouldn't miss them, as my house has cracks everywhere thanks to the lovely speedbump outside.

Rather than replace them, I wish the money was spent on other forms of traffic calming. For example, if the parking bays were painted wider it would visually reduce the width of the road - and hence speed. Or add some constrictions either visual or physical.

But sad to say since they've marked the kerb with where the bumps once were, I suspect a team will be along at some point to put them back.

I wonder what would happen if all the marks were erased....
Agree, Malcolm.

Road calming is definitely needed, but surely there has to be a better solution than speed bumps?

Amongst their disadvantages are the effect on emergency services, especially ambulances carrying patients with sensitive injuries; the extra wear and tear on cars, including brakes, gearbox and suspension and the increased fuel consumption and pollution. The W5 buses traversing bumps on the upper part of Stapleton Hall Road (often still speeding) are causing also causing cracking in nearby houses and must lift passengers out of their seats.

Narrowing the road at certain points seems to me to be the best answer.
Well for those who can remember life before the speed humps on the ladder, they are far better than without them in my opinion. There maybe alternatives but this should be part of a Ladder wide initiative. The ladder twelve years ago was far worse (on the whole) that it is today.
I'd tend to vote against them. Vibrations and revving engines are about al the speed humps achieve. They'd probably need to treat all roads the same otherwise you just end up augmenting the problem of certain roads being blighted.
There are alternative traffic calming structures, how about chicanes? They slow traffic without shaking adjacent houses and the width can be varied to prohibit large vehicles.

I think this is a much more creative aproach to traffic calming. The humps tended to be treated at slight inconveniences with some drivers really reving it up between them.

But no - never ever go back to two way! It was like that for the first few years we lived in Warham and there was at least a fight a day as two cars played chicken to see which would give way first.
Love the idea of a ladder wide initiative looking at alternative traffic calming options. Anyone noticed Linden Rd N15 which used to be a cut through from Belmont to West Green Rd. It's now quiet, calm and looks attractive. Anyone know how they managed to get it done?
Hi Al, Linden Road was a pilot for the HomeZone scheme. The council received £90,000 from central government to implement it. Apparently, it is unlikely to be repeated around the Borough due to the high cost although there was talk of Tower Gardens being made into a homezone. However, if the impetus is there, we should try and get the council round the table to talk about traffic calming, supported by our new councillors I would hope.
Surely this would improve the value of a "house" significantly. Should we not, as homeowners and landlords be putting our hands in our pockets to some extent?

Do I hear £1000?
I think that when they amended the traffic situation all those years ago it was a vast improvement and with good consultation from the council (something we're not getting now), but I consider it as work in progress and we are never going to get a perfect situation, we have to accept that as a part of Harringay and city life. The speed humps do have their negatives, but believe me they do calm most drivers down compared to the race tracks we had before. Sure not perfect and many things need addressing, maybe we could run a survey on how to address traffic on the Ladder and Harringay as a whole. I shall get onto something : )
I totally agree we're never going to reach perfection and traffic is just part of city life - as I've said ad nauseam elsewhere.

The interesting question is whether there's a better way to slow the traffic than humps which costs comparable amounts.

Chicanes, visual narrowing and other options should be considered rather than knee-jerk humping.



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