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Sainsbury Harringay is no longer open 24 hours and now opens at 7am. However if you park more than 10 minutes before opening you will be stung with a £70  fine from Euro Car Parks "working in partnership with Sainsburys". A good reason to boycott supermarkets and shop local.

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The notice seems quite clear.

Thanks for this helpful warning.

And you'll be fined if your car is there after 0010 too.

Thanks for the alert - which of us thinks to read the parking notices every time we park at a supermarket/retail park?

I think it's pretty fair and must have some reasoning behind it other than just making money. I sometimes cycle late around our area when the roads are calm and there are a whole lot of extremely dodgy activities going on around that area in particular. 

The other two car parks for the Arena half of the site aren't fitted with ANPR cameras, so attract more of the activities you alude to. Perhaps that's on the way.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition, John D.

That's one I know Gordon :)

Agreed, the sign is clear when you go back two months later to check it out.

When arriving at 6.45am during lockdown it is not something one thinks to check.

I can understand the reason for the limit overnight but allowing parking from only 10 minutes before the store opening smacks of a moneymaking scam.

Not long ago I got a ticket for over staying in a Sainsburys car park. I had over stayed, I didn't realize there was a time limit and had been at a nearby cafe after shopping there. A quick google suggested complaining to the CEO, so I tried that and they refunded it without quibbling. Worth a try?simon.roberts@sainsburys.co.uk

But surely it's an even better reason to abandon your car and walk, cycle or use public transport!

Yes, if you’re young enough and fit enough to carry two or three carrier bags full of heavy shopping along Green Lanes, or wait for a 30-seat capacity bus with the danger of other passengers failing to wear masks and when we’ve been told to avoid public transport if at all possible.... Cars may be eco-hostile, but some people do still need to use them, and Sainsbury’s home delivery isn’t necessarily either available or affordable as an alternative. Private car parking companies are notorious for well-documented sharp practice and bad faith, often even when customers park legally and within the relevant rules. I’m all in favour of reducing car travel, but my pre-lockdown experience of the W5 to and from Sainsbury’s carpark, for instance, was that an already indifferent service had become truly awful; TfL’s assault on bus routes over the last year could hardly have been worse-timed and is hardly likely to enourage greater use of public transport even if/when more normal life resumes.

Not too clear for me. My vehicle of choice is a small motorbike. I see no mention of M/B's on that sign. Where am I supposed to park? And just to complicate matters I'm also a Blue Badge holder but for obvious reasons I can't use my badge on the bike, (although it's tax class is as an official mobility vehicle if they bother to check). Besides, I wouldn't like to block a space for someone who is more needy than me. I just need to be near the entrance etc.

It is VERY harsh when applied just before and after opening times. Smacks of greed, greed, greed.
I say that as a non-car-owner and as someone who is relatively anti car. I am a car club member as I find it so much cheaper - insurance and petrol is included. When you need to get DIY stuff and the delivery charge on a bulky item costing £25 is also £25 then it makes sense to use A car, not necessarily to own the car.

But I am now also the owner of a shopping trolley!



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