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Here's an update on the Haringey Tree Protectors court case.

Thank you for all the pledges so far ! 

Having the support of so many others who share our concern for the urgency of protecting and prioritising our mature trees is uplifting and energising - thank you for your support which makes is possible to take the action forward. 

At the moment the hearing on 15th March is going ahead. LB of Haringey have not confirmed how they intend to proceed following the service or a large amount of evidence by the non-party insurers. The concern is that the council is taking steps to be in a position to fell the tree if the hearing next Wednesday concludes in their favour. We need to make sure that we have the funds in place to enable our great legal team  (Richard Buxton Solicitors and Paul Powesland  @ Garden Court Chambers - both offering their services as reduced fees) to take the fight as far as possible. 

What you can do to help:

  • Email 3 friends the campaign page link, telling them why you think is important and asking them to pledge and / or to spread the word
  • Post the link to Facebook / your other social media, asking friends and followers to pledge and / or spread the word
  • Tweet in support.
  • Talk about the campaign and the issue, and why its important to you in your social and work cricles;;-)

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missed it !

Can watch it here,


But be quick - only available till 1900 Wed 15 March.

Oh thanks. Makes a bit more sense now. Case to be heard Wed 15 Mar. today . This council are O.T.T. it seems. Mind you I'm no tree hugger, but an authority obstructing the pavement, boxing in cars , 24 hr security etc just overkill  and so early on a Sunday. Using a sledge hammer to crack a nut - not from my pension.

Longer-lasting website version here - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-64949431

BREAKING NEWS - Campaign Update

The hearing at Clerkenwell County Court this morning has adjourned until 2pm tomorrow, 16.03.23. This is due to an ex parte injunction preventing LB of Haringey from felling the tree having been issued in the High Court at 2am this morning. The injunction was applied for by the owner of one of the two houses next to the Oakfield Plane. It names the two insurance companies with pending Financial Services Ombudsman complaints made by the two homeowners as interested parties (Aviva and Allianz).

District Judge Redpath-Stevens dealing with the LB of Haringey possession and injunction applications against Haringey Tree Protectors Ltd and Persons Unknown this morning, reminded LB of Haringey that while at the conclusion of the December hearing he had noted that no steps were to be taken to fell the tree prior to the hearing today, the LB of Haringey action on Sunday morning of bringing in security personnel and taking possession of the tree breached this albeit stopping at actual felling.

We understand that the LB of Haringey will be applying to the High Court this afternoon to discharge the home owner's injunction. Things are moving very quickly. LB of Haringey have been forced to understand the strength of local resistance and the priority given to preserving mature trees in the borough that we hope will inform their actions going forward. The campaign lawyers, Richard Buxton Solicitors, and barrister Paul Powesland, have been amazing in responding to a rapidly changing landscape. Please do keep the pledges coming and keep sharing the campaign page. 

Read more and contribute here:



I just had to burst out laughing this evening when I saw  they had a K9 unit van stationed there.

What are they expecting to go down there?

I predict a riot quiet dispersal of rent-a-cops by Friday.

The hearing was yesterday. Is there an update about the tree?




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