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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Haringey's tree campaign gets a mention in the Guardian today.https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/mar/15/a-disgrace-more...

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It's also featured on itv London news tonight.

Must say the near military security guards the council have stationed around the tree are overkill.

LB Haringey also further obstruct the pavement with their fencing and non-see-through screen, forcing pedestrians into oncoming traffic. And 14 guards 24/7 is expensive. [To us Council tax payers.]

The ITV clip: "they've told us they will still need to stable bits and underpin the house even if they cut down the tree"

What did the court say today, might one ask?

All I have is

There will be a judgement given at 9 tomorrow as to whether hearing on 63 injunction goes forward , next week presumably. The tree won’t be cut down until after our final county court hearing at 10 tomoro anyway as haringey trying to show they are observing due process

Looks like the ironically named 'Antifa' are doing the security. Balaclavas and jackboots. Honestly, someone should tell St Gary of the Conspicuous Virtue about this.

What does Antifa have to do with this? 

Councils across the country seem to be on a mission to cut down trees all over the place. Despite all the talk of commitment to the environment and being green, they are doing the opposite. What is more green and life giving than trees especially in our concreted urban areas? They provide shade in the summer and are home to wildlife as well. Plymouth council just the other night cut down over 100 trees in the city centre, apparently to make way for a cycle lane.... such criminal destruction is hard to bear. 

Existing trees should be protected and new trees be planted to improve our environment.  

One simple soloution, assuming the tree roots are searching for water in our hotter summers, is to remove a line of paving slabs alongside the kerb and let rain/water get at those roots easier, now that everywhere is tarmaced or built over.  That surely would help .

 Part of the reason for this sudden massacre of trees is that they can't do it in the  bird nesting season, which is about to begin....



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