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Update on Harringay Traffic Study and Wightman Bridge Closure

At a meeting in the Library this Monday residents were updated on progress with and plans for the two major traffic projects in Harringay this summer.

The consultants running the Harringay Traffic Study were also introduced.

So far so good. To date the Council have been good to their word and the consultants passed muster for me. Not only did they seem to know their beans, they seemed rather, well, consultative (not something to be expected from many consultants!).

Following the meeting, the Council sent out notes and presentations to all who attended. I am attaching these here for those who are interesed.

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Very interesting, some staggering stats and lots to think about, thanks Michael.

11 cars went up Hampden Road at 60+ mph??? (or 1 car 11 times...)

Yes, i know cars speed on the ladder rung roads, but i was surprised at how much volume of traffic is going faster than 30, when the speed limit has always been 20..

In my road the higher wheelbase of 4x4s and larger Vans etc allow them to belt down with no slowing over the road humps. 

I've now opened a thread dedicated to the traffic data here



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