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Haringey Council has announced that they will be planting at least 250 new trees across the borough this winter.

Wightman Road will get 36 trees in the newly created chicane tree pits. With the planting season now upon us and expected to continue through to mid-January, we should see the trees in place by Burns Night.

The Council has also said that tree planting elsewhere across the borough will go some way towards offsetting the necessary removal of diseased, dying or dead trees. It is not known whether or not any of these replacements is headed our way.

Having secured funding from the Greater London Authority’s Greener City Fund, 50 trees are going to be planted in Finsbury Park. There's a post about helping out with the planting here.

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Following on from the link at the end of the post above, a future replanting area in Finsbury Park could be along the stretch of Green Lanes between the New River and Endymion Road - two of the mature willow trees have fallen or leaned unsafely this summer and autumn - the one on the corner of Endymion Rd was finally removed today.

Hope they keep a few spares. As sure traffic with claim many

In the last week, three trees have been planted within twenty yards of my door.  Two of them are Tilia cordata greenspire, otherwise called small leaved lime.  The other one is pyrus calleryana chanticleer, which is an ornamental pear.  Both seem well chosen to be limited in both spread and eventual height which is a mercy for the foundations of any nearby house.  The pear, in particular, ought to produce some attractive blossom in the spring.



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