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A huge amount of data was gathered during the traffic survey in and around Harringay from 6-12 January 2016.  You can find the raw data here.

It is very raw and can be difficult  to interpret if you haven't done something like this before but I know there are other number crunchers out there who could have a go.

I've done some top line analysis limited to The Ladder and Green Lanes (attached to this post) but will do more and add it here.  It might be useful, if anyone else feels so moved, to post their own analysis and thoughts here too.  Also, any questions about the data itself or the questions it raises are welcome.

Things to take into account

  • Most roads are one way so there is only one set of data.  Roads that are two way are shown with north and south counts
  • Green Lanes was monitored at 3 points and Wightman Road at 4


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This is utterly brilliant - wish I could do something as sophisticated. I've been in contact with Haringey about the missing data for Endymion Road and asked for it to be sent to me when it's available. I'll post it as soon as it arrives.
Another contributor is trying to get the data into a pivot table. That way people should be able to carry out their own analysis instead of waiting for my plodding attempts.
Andrew and Joe - ever thought of bidding for work like this from local authorities? You'd make a packet.

Well done that man. A long time since I've seen Batchgeo in action. Great application of it. Thank you.

I can't remember if it was Batchgeo or one of the other mapping tools which as well as allowing you to easily convert GPS or postcode tagged data into mapped data, adds colours, giving you in effect a heat map.

Doesn't it make it obvious that it's not all the data? They had traffic counters all over the borough. Muswell Hill etc...

It's all the data I was sent John
I've seen thermal maps like that - the images are really powerful and give a great sense of geographical concentrations of volumes. I've only seen it done on MapInfo which costs an arm and a leg. Didn't realise you could get a freebie to do it.

You could back in the heady late noughties. The app may well have died like so much free tech form that era.

That's pure genius, Andrew.... translating all the gobbledygook into something so easy to understand

Thanks. Once you have the source data formatted nicely (and my job gives me lots of Excel and data formatting practice) then manipulating whether by pivot table or maps or whatever is quite straightforward.

For instance this is the percentage of vehicles exceeding the speed limit at different sites which took less than 5 minutes to produce https://batchgeo.com/map/627512e7f72a490bbe56ad22a3c560cf

I would caveat that I'm not fully convinced by this. I think some of the source data has the wrong speed limits, possibly the speed limits are from after Haringey moved to 20Mph but the data from before.

As Andrew says getting the data into a pivot table isn't hard once the data is in the right structure. Publishing the pivot table so that it can be viewed online by people who don't want to download or don't have Excel has taken a bit of experimenting, but this seems to be working at the moment:


There are three tabs, Raw Data, Pivot Table and Pivot Chart. You probably don't need to look at the Raw Data, just select a road and direction of traffic using the filters on the Table or Chart, and both the Table and Chart should update automatically.

Fingers crossed...

This is a thing of beauty. Thank you so much Joe.

Thanks for your help Michael.

Microsoft seem to have done a rather good job of implementing the pivot table in a browser. Should make it easier to answer those awkward "my road is busier than yours" conversations too!

You can move the fields between rows, columns on filters too. Here's a ranked list of the top eastbound roads:

I wonder what happened on that bit of West Green Road between 8th and 10th Jan?

BTW I had to remove the vehicle classification and speed data from the spreadsheet, Excel Online doesn't like it if the file is over 5MB. Could probably do a separate spreadsheet but the I think that data needs normalising first.

I've now received the data for Endymion Road.  This was missed in the original survey so one was set up separately and ran from 22 March to 7 April.  This is longer than the 7 day survey for all other roads so anyone doing analysis should probably use the same start and end days of the week.  The pain is that the Endymion data goes over the Easter period so you can't really compare it with the January data for the other roads as different factors were at work (school holidays for instance)

I've put the files in DropBox and they are

  • TSP 12609 Endymion Road ATC location point and classification scheme - this includes a helpful plan that gives the two monitoring locations.  1. east of Venetia Road  2. west of Conningsby Road
  • TSP 12609 Endymion Road ATC site 1 data
  • TSP 12609 Endymion Road ATC site 2 data

Do Joe and Andrew (and others) want to work their magic?



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