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27th January marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp. So, today is the day chosen to remember the Holocaust.

There isn't much going on locally today except an online talk organised by the Muswell Hill Synagogue.

Haringey Council's event will be held at Tottenham Hotspur football club on Sunday 30 January at 2pm. To register to attend the event please email your name to events@haringey.gov.uk.

For more general info, there's the Holocaust Memorial Day website.

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Haringey Council is holding a commemorative event on Sunday at Spurs Ground.

Thank you. Added to original post. The event didn't make it to the HMD website.

Thanks for highlighting this. Its important that young people especially understand.

Thanks for raising this. I see that there was another anti semitic attack last Wednesday on 2 old Jewish men in South Tottenham. 

https://mol.im/a/10447069 via https://dailym.ai/android

That’s grim. 

This is awful. 

How disgusting. We visited Auschwitz not so long ago, on a hot summer's day when it seemed for many of the people there it was just a part of their itinerary on a trip to Krakow. What struck me was how their faces changed having walked through the first few rooms of the museum and seen for instance the clothes of a one-year-old baby who was dispatched to the gas chambers..

I was in Krakow about 20 years ago and visited Auschwitz.  For me it was the the moment I saw the piles of shoes.  I couldn’t move.

A terrible racist attack. I'm glad the thug has been apprehended. 

We must never forget and listen with care to the survivors’ testimonies. I have visited, as a homage to those lost, many of the concentration camps in Europe.

I was very moved by last night's programme on BBC2 ‘Survivors: Portraits of the Holocaust’.

The fine portraits can be seen here:
“Prince Charles unveils portrait series honouring Holocaust survivors across the UK”


I won't be watching any Woopi Goldberg movies anymore.

Her employer 'suspended' her for 2 weeks, a significantly insufficient slap on the wrist.

Agreed. I thought better of Whoopie and thought she was a more intelligent thinker than this. The irony is her surname, if it's her actual surname? Her being suspended for only 2 weeks (on full pay) will play into the hands of those who believe that there are two rules depending on your race and or political sympathies. It's hard to think otherwise in this case. 



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