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Streetlink - a service for reporting and helping homelessness and rough sleepers

It is sad, but a fact, that at this time of year many of us will become very aware of homeless people living in our wards - particularly wards with shopping centres.

Residents might be interested in a new reporting service that was launched today. As the website says.

The programme encourages members of the public to phone or use the online form to inform Streetlink when they see a homeless person on the street. Streetlink then passes the information to the relevant local council, which will then notify local homelessness services. StreetLink will also follow up the council within ten days to find out what happened, and pass this information on to the member of the public who notified them, if they ask to be kept informed.

The telephone number for reporting is 0300 9000 0914.

The website is  www.streetlink.org.uk

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Just happened to be reading an article about the project in the guardian -here's the link

I saw two homeless men at Arena Retail Park yesterday. I rarely go there so have no idea if they are there on a regular basis or it was a one-off.  Perhaps someone who shops there more often can monitor the situation and then contact Streetlink.

I think this is terrific news.  A young man came to my surgery about two months ago, he was homeless and had nowhere to go.  I spent some considerable time that afternoon going round in circles trying to find somewhere for him - of course I was very glad to help him and did find him somewhere but I wish Streetlink had been available then.

Such a great scheme. I was in contact with Shelter only the other month to make them aware of a homeless guy near my workplace but they tend to focus more on longer-term rehabilitation. Having somewhere to go to that will act quickly I think will provide a much needed "middle step".

From the Holy Innocents web page http://www.holy-innocents.org.uk/holy-innocents-winter-night-shelter/

Holy Innocents, along with six other churches in our area, take part each year in a night shelter which runs from December to March every night of the week. Holy Innocents take one night each week and open our doors to welcome homeless guests to stay in the church over night. We provide an evening meal, washing facilities, clothes, and breakfast the following morning. One of the most important things we offer is a warm welcome to guests who have perhaps been on the street all day.

This is a great service. I always feel very ashamed of myself when not offering money to people sittting on the street as I don't think that is the answer. I can now actually do something by contacting streetlink.

Driving under the Harringay bridge yesterday (Sunday 27 September) , from a brief glimpse it looked there was a pile of bedding and belongings from a homeless person next to the recycle bins.

Anyone know more?

Alan, that pile of bedding has been there for a week.

Last week, when leaving a meeting of the Regulatory Committee at about 21:30, a fellow Councillor pointed out a similar sight by the rear entrance of the Civic Centre.

The Council's Communications Department has so much money in its budget that it can have switched at least £86,000 from "promoting activities" to the recent identity rebranding, without missing a beat.

If it were up to me, I'd shift resources from the big budget of the bloated PR function to making a real difference to real lives: such as helping homeless people.

The priorities of New Labour (AKA "Progress") are wrong: little telegraphs this better than the vanity rebranding. The Council lacks moral purpose. 

Haringey Councillor
Liberal Democrat Party

Clive and Alan. Please do not hijack this thread by bringing in issues that have been discussed very fully elsewhere. This is too important for point scoring.

Michael I don't accept that there is hijacking to score points. The issue of homelessness is too important not to recognise that the Council should and could, do more to help.

Again, its about choices and priorities.

Your plans for how to do this and how it will work will be of interest to others reading this thread I would imagine


40. Words on-topic.

84. Words off-topic.

Michael's right.



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