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Does anyone else feel that the road is dangerous? The layout around Chesnuts Park, the Primary school and the hospital is shocking. There is nowhere for pedestrians to cross to get between the park and the hospital or to get across to the primary school. I mean its a primary school! This is made worse by the mini roundabout so drivers are not looking out for pedestrians. There is a zebra crossing further down St Ann's road but from my experience drivers regularly shoot through and then hold up a hand to say sorry for breaking the law!

If you go futher down and then try to cross salisbury road again there is no crossing and the cars regularly speed on this stretch of road. How do we go about getting the road layout changed?

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It is very dangerous particularly by Andreas's store on the turning into salisbury road. Chesnuts needs a zebra crossing both sides i think.
Also it isnt law that drivers have to stop at zebras.

completely agree. We need crossing outside Andreas's store and by the primary school and park. I'd also like to see the mini roundabout replaced with traffic lights and speed reduction measures in place along the whole road.

I ddint know that about zebra crossings, I thought it was law that you had to stop if pedestrians are crossing?

How do we campaign for change? I'll start with our local councillors I guess?

Re "it isnt law"... read on:

"You MUST give way when a pedestrian has moved onto a crossing".

From the Highway Code, section 195 [2007 ed.], citing the Zebra, Pelican and Puffin Pedestrian Crossings Regulations and General Directions 1997, regulation 25.

Good enough for me, and nearly all others.

There is a crossing between the Chestnuts Café and the hospital entrance.

There is a crossing between the Bridge building and the police station.

There is a crossing between the school and the park.

How do you suggest the road layout should be changed ?

I've never felt that crossing St Anne's road was a problem at all apart from at the top end near to the greek shop. It's not a particularly busy road and John lists the crossings above.
And there's also a new (and sorely-needed) zebra crossing between Cranleigh Road and the park... Hurray for Haringey!

There is another crossing I forgot about at the junction with Warwick Gardens.

Not a crossing as such, but there is a pedestrian refuge opposite the Greek shop which makes it easy and relatively safe to cross.

Yes, bit confused by this as there are plenty of crossings as you've listed above! The only one that sometimes feels a BIT dangerous is the corner of BBL and St Ann's between the school and the park, as cars seem to come round the corner a bit fast and don't always slow down quite as quickly as they probably should.

I live on Salisbury Road and frequently walk to Chestnuts park and up Blackboy Lane with no problem finding pedestrian crossings  for a safe journey.

I spent a miserable few hours on a Friday night sitting in a parked car opposite the park with a flat tyre waiting for the AA. Plenty of cars sped by fast enough and close enough to rock the car.

There is far too much tolerance of atrocious driving in urban areas. There is no excuse for it - it's just the selfish behaviour of those whose sense of entitlement is matched only by their complete lack of imagination.

As far as I'm concerned - caught speeding / chatting on mobile / driving without care once - car impounded and banned for a year. Caught twice - car crushed and banned for life. Caught again (therefore also driving unlicensed) - shot.

And St Ann's Road is a good spot for many forms of atrocious driving! 

There is a crossing at either end of the school ? which we use every day with our toddler - never experienced any problems though we do, for his benefit, take some time to look left, look right... before crossing



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