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I'm not sure whether this has been shared elsewhere on HOL - can't see it in a search but...

We have recently received a note through our front door that the St Ann's Low Traffic Neighbourhood will be implemented on 22 August.

This is a heads-up for anyone living in or driving through the area between West Green Road and St Ann's Road.  There will no longer be a direct route between the two major roads unless you are a bus or have a 'X2' exemption pass. 

Woodlands Park Road, Black Boy Lane, Cornwall Road and Avenue Road will all be closed to through traffic. 

The restriction points will be monitored by CCTV, so no doubt LBH will be issuing lots of PCNs!  Drivers beware!

I attach two documents, one a map of the area showing the traffic cells as they will be after implementation, and the other the supporting document.

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The link doesn't tell you. It has been delayed but they have not said when till.

As an aside, one of the issues with this implementation has been that a lot of publicity around it has just been on a few councillors twitter accounts rather than offline and online publicity through multiple channels.

The video says the Bruce Grove implementation has been delayed to allow better publicity with things like stands in libraries, posters, better signage, better written information, etc

Shame it's being delayed but am all up for them doing some more publicity (education). Spoke to the local off license this morning which has plastered objections to the LTNs all around their shop. The reasons they're against it...

  • Emergency vehicles won't be able to get through
  • Taxis will be more expensive
  • Trade will go down (for a shop which has zero parking near it and everyone walks to anyway

Clearly confused about what impact the LTNs will actually have.

I'm not sure whether this kind of thing is down to poor communication from the council or wilful misinformation from others. A bit of both I suspect.

Well, the second point may have some validity….

I've changed the link to an embed. So you should now be able to see the tweet above in the original comment, including the video.

Thank you for doing that. 

Looks like the West Green LTN will now be launched on 1 November with, hopefully, some significant publicity between now and then.

Hopefully they will sort out a better covering for the signs that have already been erected.

After viewing the Great West Green Road Traffic Jam this morning I found a lovely example of the Council's left hand not knowing what the right is doing over the LTN's. The northern end of Avenue Road (now two way and the only access to Seaford Road, Roslyn Road etc) has been closed for road works. No prior information or signage about traffic having to reroute through the camera enforced barriers and school street. Will residents there be fined for having to go through the barriers?

Our local postman tells me that the Post Office have told staff to drive post vans through the barriers as otherwise they can't keep to their delivery routes. Haringey did not consult the Post Office about the LTN affects but I assume the Post Office's legal team will have the clout to contest their fines.

With regard to the West Green and Bruce Grove LTN I have to wonder why the delay if the Council are so convinced of the correctness of blanket LTN's. I have tried to understand the mapping of the West Green and Bruce Grove scheme but confess it still leaves me baffled. I think it will mean that all traffic into and out of the Broadwater Farm estate has to use Lordship Lane only with no access at all to Philip Lane. Will the Council be taking advice from the police and youth services about what risks that might pose? As Lordship Lane is the street where gangs from the N17 and N22 post codes conduct their warfare will it not increase the risk of violence if all traffic from the estate is forced to take that road. I have no wish to seem alarmist but surely the Council should be thinking of how to plan OUT not plan in crime in an area already suffering more than its fair share. Perhaps the relevant Councillors could share their thoughts on this platform? Thank you.


Could it not also mean that the fact that if more traffic uses Philip Ln to access B Farm then gang activity will have to move elsewhere?

Your 'wondering' seems to be a stretch to further 'dis' LTNs. It's only cars that will need to use Lordship Lane. Pedestrians and bikes will still be abe to access it via the south.

I think most, regardless of their position in LTNs, would agree that the publicity around the implementation of them had been poor. I think it's most likely that they've just realised that rather than some wilder theory.

The police were consulted on the plans and didn't seem to have any concerns about gang warfare breaking out.

I'm so glad this has happened. The streets have been delightfully quiet. I even saw a street party today on Conway Road. Little ones were out playing.



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