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I'm not sure whether this has been shared elsewhere on HOL - can't see it in a search but...

We have recently received a note through our front door that the St Ann's Low Traffic Neighbourhood will be implemented on 22 August.

This is a heads-up for anyone living in or driving through the area between West Green Road and St Ann's Road.  There will no longer be a direct route between the two major roads unless you are a bus or have a 'X2' exemption pass. 

Woodlands Park Road, Black Boy Lane, Cornwall Road and Avenue Road will all be closed to through traffic. 

The restriction points will be monitored by CCTV, so no doubt LBH will be issuing lots of PCNs!  Drivers beware!

I attach two documents, one a map of the area showing the traffic cells as they will be after implementation, and the other the supporting document.

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I walked along Carlingford this morning and there was a lot of traffic trying to get out again, it was backed up to the junction with Crescent Rd. At the point I was there I though I'd see what was making up the queue. There were 15 cars and 1 van. Of the 15 cars there were 3 that appeared to be doing the school run so had a driver and a child or two in them and the rest all just had one person in them (except one black cab which technically had a driver and one person in the back).

So, to put it into perspective, that 300ft stretch of backed up road was carrying about the same number of people as a quarter of a double decker bus.

Think you've hit the nail on head there, Andrew. As I said yesterday, with all of the restrictions in place around Seven Sisters primary school, traffic has decreased to virtually zero, from what statistical experts like myself would have described as 'a lot'! And of course it's highly unlikely that all of the lone car drivers you saw were on missions of national importance. Sure, there are some teething problems with this scheme, but people will just have to learn to get on board with it

Maybe this traffic evaporation is working. I walked along Carlingford a couple of times today at the same time as the last few days and there was, at most, half a dozen cars trying to get out of the junction.

Only 1 car at the junction this morning.

Seems it’s not just in St Ann’s that an LTN is the subject of controversy: I’ve just come across the Bowes and Bounds Connected website — bowesandbounds.org — which has a very similar discussion to this one; there’s also a petition to get the LTN scrapped there (rather better written than the St Ann’s one and making salient points).Of course Bounds Green residents were prime victims of the Enfield LTN just the other side of the borough boundary, which merely shunted all their traffic into Haringey instead. However, this new LTN sounds even more cack-handed, with some residents apparently unable to access their own homes at all (because of the way restrictions apply across the boundary) and others having to traverse the jam-packed North Circular instead of the quieter roads they previously used, so this sounds as though it’s exacerbated the problems. Perhaps in St Ann’s we’ve got off lightly in comparison? Presumably there will be similar rearguard actions all across Haringey as more side roads are progressively blocked off. 

I referenced this somewhere else in this lengthy thread as one where they may need to consider resident exemptions, the only option being out onto the North Circular for some households is less than ideal.

Yes, they should. The unfortunate thing is that Haringey Council is not really the most competent....

Having been down Green Lanes a few times over the last week, it seems that the Council has created a STN.

Static /At a Standstill Traffic Neighbourhood!

Slow :)

Here's a nice photo of Harringay Road gridlocked yesterday at 6pm approx. The residents there are, shall we say, pissed off that despite supposedly being in the LTN someone else's quiet road has made their road and whole area a polluting nightmare.

As to James W's comment, the cyclists I still see going the wrong way down one way roads that are still one way only, go the wrong way down the eastern arm of Newsam Avenue and the southern half of Avenue Road. When asked why they claim they have the right.


Yep I saw this yesterday on my bike. Green Lanes was the most backed up (in both directions) I've seen it in many months . Sorry Harringay Road. Guess you get stuck with all our St Anns dispersed traffic. Well done HaringHell council. Top job.



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