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Here are a few spears of asparagus.  A treat which should go on giving for most of May.

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Well done, I have one that's just visible in the soil, they're on the way!

WOW! Well done you.

I have heard that freshly picked asparagus has a delicate natural sweetness that has perished by the time we buy it in the shops so enjoy!

I hadn't heard this explanation before but we certainly like it very much. We often get a good feeling when eating our own products and this goes especially for potatoes, apples, raspberries etc. Even chopped chives in an omelette taste better at home. Maybe freshness/timing has something to do with it but it could also be a sort of feedback loop after the gardening: working, watching, watering, harvesting etc.

Freshness - my partner has a 60-year-old vivid memory of visiting her friend after school and eating lettuce sandwiches made with a lettuce head pulled five minutes earlier from the garden.

Never better she says.

I think the same applies to many vegetables. A classic example is sweet corn, which is at its best when picked immediately before cooking.

Looks gorgeous Dick



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